Does Usps First Class Have Insurance? (all You Need To Know)

Sending important things off in the mail can sometimes feel like you’re releasing them into the world with a hope and a prayer. You can’t be sure if what you’re sending will reach it’s destination.

So you don’t have to rely on just hope when it comes to mailing valuable shipments. Most shipping services offer extra protection for your shipments in the form of insurance.

We do not offer insurance.
We will not be able to replace your package during the normal USPS postage-paid transit time.
We will not refund your shipping costs if your package is damaged in transit.
We will not ship to or collect from addresses that we have not verified.

Does USPS First Class Have Insurance In 2022?

If you are shipping small items such as books or gifts, you might not need to add insurance. If you are shipping an important package that you don’t want to lose or a package of some value to you, for example, you should consider adding an insurance option for your shipment.

To learn about how much adding insurance to your First Class mail costs, if USPS pays the claims, whether those claims actually cover USPS’s insurance costs, and which services are automatically insured, keep reading!

How Does USPS First Class Insurance Work?

In the case of the United States Postal Service, shipping insurance is a relatively straightforward process for customers.

Since First-Class mail does not include insurance, it is necessary to purchase it as an add-on.

It’s determined based on your self-asserted valuation of the items you will be sending, starting at just $2.45.

You need to decide what it’s worth, so remember: Don’t skimp on insurance for an expensive item, because if something happens to it, you will only be able to get the value of your insurance if you buy it.

The maximum amount you can claim if your shipment is lost or stolen is $5,000. If you’re shipping an expensive item, it’s a good idea to get the insurance.

To add on insurance to your First Class mailpiece, you can print out postage online at, and when it asks if you want to include add-ons, choose Insurance if you want to pay for insurance. You can cancel the insurance by choosing “N” at the bottom of the form.

Then again, it is best to avoid doing it at the Post Office in the same way it’s best to avoid mailing cash to a foreign country.

You’ll need to be present when the mail is delivered. If the person you are giving this gift to has a $500 deductible, they must be present when the mail is delivered. You can do this by leaving a voicemail message or sending an email to the recipient. It is also a good idea to include an email or voicemail return address, so if they do not return the gift, you can contact them.

The reason is a signature is only required if a package contains items valued at $500 or more.

How Much Is USPS First Class Insurance?

If you are sending one package, insurance costs are between $2.45 and $10.35.

You can purchase insurance online only, in-person you can purchase the same policy. You are entitled to a $5,000 maximum limit for the purchase of liability insurance.
The above is correct, but I think I may have misinterpreted the question. The original poster was asking about the difference between liability insurance and automobile insurance (as opposed to collision or comprehensive) as they were already insured with a rental car. They have a $15,000 maximum limit for liability insurance and $5,000 maximum limit for auto liability insurance.

– For each value, the number of days will be shown as the unit.
– For each value, the number of days will be shown as the unit of pricing.

If you want to purchase insurance for a package that was delivered by the Restricted Delivery service (and is valued at over $500), the cost is $5.85.

Are All USPS Packages Insured?

If you ship packages to another country, most packages are not insured.

This document includes First-Class Mail, Domestic Return Receipt, Retail Ground, Media Mail, Library Mail, Parcel Select Lightweight and Bound Printed Matter.

These companies don’t have insurance, so you could be doing all the work, and you don’t have any of the protection.

Does USPS Automatically Include Insurance?

 You can purchase insurance for First class mailings through USPS.

For example: If a customer ships something Priority $50-worth of insurance is included with the price, and $100-worth is included with Priority Express.

If you are sending something worth less than $50, you can do cheaper shipping by using USPS Express Mail. Tracking is only available for this method.

It should be noted that if your item is worth more than $100, you can also add additional insurance.

Global Express Guaranteed and Priority Mail Express International also have insurance included.

Can You Combine USPS Add-On Services For First Class?

U.S. Postal Service customers can add any type of custom add-on service to their First-Class mail pieces.

I don’t know about these. I do not know about insurance or signature, and I do not know what a tracking number is.

If you purchase the USPS First-Class insurance, you can opt for additional insurance packages, for example, USPS Priority Mail Insurance.

Is USPS Insurance Worth Buying?

For a small fee USPS will insure the mail in transit. The postage is charged whether the item is delivered or not. It is recommended that insurance be used on mail that is more valuable than the insurance coverage ($25 or more), as insurance does not help if the item is lost or stolen.

There are a number of different types of delivery options for USPS. You can choose to have something sent to a local warehouse, or to a destination in the continental U.S.

You can expect anywhere from 5-7 days for your parcel to reach you as per the shipping provider.

The US Postal Service website has a page specifically to walk you through the claims filing process. This includes all the documents you need and the timeframe you can expect.

“Your previous job, a family member, or someone else associated with you has made a claim for this accident. This may mean they are not claiming for the damage to your vehicle or the loss of your personal items.”

If you believe you may have other compensation claims for another time, you can make an appeal for those.

You can file an appeal if your request for a grant of asylum or refugee status is denied.

Find more details on shipping from USPS, finding out if they track shipments and if they notarize documents in their care.


United States Postal Service First-Class Mail does not include insurance, but it can be purchased as an add-on for extremely reasonable rates.

Starting at just $2.45, the USPS insurance offers mailers the opportunity to insure their valuable or expensive items.

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