Can You File A Claim With Usps Without Insurance? (your Full Guide)

Ugh. Your package was returned to Amazon from the Post Office. If your order was shipped with insurance, the service provider will send you a $10 Amazon gift card.

There are different ways to try to get your belongings back if they’re lost or damaged. You can contact the post office for more information about how to file a claim, but if you’re not sure what insurance you have, you can get a free quote from USPS.

Can You File A Claim With USPS Without Insurance In 2022?

If your package shipped on a service that does not include in the shipping cost insurance, you can’t file a claim. You can, however, initiate a missing mail search for a lost package. Additionally, Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail include insurance coverage in the purchase price. If you mailed a package through one of these services and it was lost or damaged, you can file a claim.

If your package was not insured, you will have to wait until the estimated delivery date for it to get a tracking number from USPS.

Are USPS Packages Automatically Insured?

Some packages are insured under the international rate and others under the domestic rate.

* First-Class Mail does not accept packages that weigh more than 3.5 pounds.
* First-Class Mail does not guarantee delivery.
* First-Class Mail does not offer insurance.
* First-Class Mail is the only option if you want to ship larger items, like large flat-screen TVs.

A letter doesn’t have to be in a box to be considered “First-Class,” so if you’re shipping more than 500 sheets of paper with one return postage label, you only need one insurance policy.

For a flat rate, you will receive the same insurance coverage for every package. First-Class mail, however, provides insurance only for inbound shipments.

You may receive insurance, at no additional cost, by using our insurance program. The program provides up to $100 of insurance for all Priority Mail domestic and Express Mail domestic packages. The insurance is not affected by any other discounts, such as coupons, promotions, and discounts for paying in advance.

It is possible to buy additional Priority Mail insurance above what is offered by the standard Priority Mail rate, but it will cost you extra. And it is not necessary.

We can not assume any insurance coverage for your items, so please be certain to package your items in an appropriate manner to ensure safe arrival.

As a general rule, Priority Mail does not ship to P.O. Boxes. In addition, the recipient must be on the delivery list for the item, and the item will not be delivered to a deceased person.

However, items which are not protected by a clear plastic packaging which will be in the form of protective wraps may still be accepted and may be covered.

Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail International, and International Reply Coupons.

This means that in order to be covered by our insurance, your package must have a barcode on the exterior of the package. This is so that the carrier knows when the package has been delivered.

Are International USPS Packages Automatically Insured?

This service is provided by U.S. Department of State for international shipments and is provided free of charge.

Your package was shipped via Global Express Guaranteed. The USPS has been notified of the package’s damage. After investigation, we have determined that $2,499 of the loss was due to the negligence of the mail carrier. The USPS will not be liable for the loss in excess of this amount. You can purchase additional coverages from the USPS by contacting the USPS customer service center.

The USPS also provides a Priority Mail International insurance that covers up to $150 for merchandise that is lost, damaged or missing.

If you are still getting ‘undeliverable as addressed’ after contacting your local post office, try a different address.
The postal service may be experiencing an exceptionally high volume of mail at this time.

What Do You Do If USPS Damages Your Package With No Insurance?

No matter whether you used First-Class or Economy shipping, you should know that there’s no guarantee that the carrier will take responsibility for the package’s contents.

As for the First-Class mail, it’s unlikely the item was damaged on its way to you. It’s more likely that an inexperienced mail carrier accidentally delivered it to you as First-Class. If you happen to receive a package that was sent First-Class and it includes something that is clearly damaged, that would be a good thing to report to the post office as well.

Priority Mail is a type of USPS mail service that includes insurance on international shipments.

Even if you don’t remember purchasing insurance, you can benefit from up to $100 of coverage without knowing it.

You can file a claim online. You can improve your chances of being reimbursed by taking a look at the things you did to cause the damage.

After you purchase, make sure to keep your shipping receipt (proof of insurance) for your records.

Next, you will be able to offer high-value items to a high bidder by adding them to your reserve. This will be the first place that potential buyers can access the item and get a better idea of its price. They can also take part and get a sense of the quality of the items.

If your items that were covered by the plan were worth more than the maximum insurance values then you’ll be reimbursed the maximum amount of coverage the plan provides.

Although, the loss to the US in 2015 was less than 1% of our annual income.

What Do You Do If USPS Loses Your Package With No Insurance?

You can request a missing package in several ways. You can complete a form online and let the USPS know of the missing item. Or, the lost return address label can be an indicator.

After you sent in your request, your local post office will try to locate the missing item. If they find your package, they’ll send it to the address provided.

Your full name, email address, and shipping address
A physical description of your package, including the full contents
The USPS tracking code for the package

The USPS will then email you a tracking code to let you know where your package is, and when it will arrive.

You’re probably going to have to pay for the shipping cost to send a replacement package or ask for a refund.

If you want to find out more about USPS, you can also read our other articles that talk about how much does it cost to send a letter USPS, what does “delivered” mean in USPS and if USPS packages are insured.


You can always use the USPS’ Returned Mail Authorization (RMA) form to file a claim in the event your package is unreachable. This form is available on the USPS website and should be filed within 45 days of when your package was returned.

If you are lost, or if your package hasn’t arrived, it’s best to file a Lost Mail request so you can be notified if the package shows up. The lesson here is, don’t send anything valuable!

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