How Long Does An Amazon Background Check Take? (+ Other Common Faqs)

Amazon, a company that specializes in selling electronics, is now able to mail their customers’ items. And they don’t have to rely on the US Postal Service or FedEx to do it.

There are two different types of background checks that Amazon does. One is from the driver’s state and the other is from the federal government. This will take anywhere from several days to several weeks.

How Long Does an Amazon Background Check Take In 2022?

The Amazon Flex background check process may take around 10 days or more, and potential drivers should contact Amazon Flex support after five days. The company has not yet indicated how extensive the background check process will be, but the process should take no more than five days, according to the Amazon Flex announcement.

If you’d like to learn about the basic requirements for driving for Amazon Fulfillment, how you can check the status, and other things like training, keep reading!

What Is Amazon’s Background Check Like?

This is why Amazon Flex want to make sure that you are safe. When working with Amazon Flex, the company wants to make sure that its workers are safe.

Hence the background check, which goes back seven years into your history. Amazon outsources its background checks to Accurate Background, which also does criminal background check.

– the item you are browsing is in stock,
– other customers bought the item before you,
– you are not the same person that bought the item before,
– you are using a new credit card/account,
– and the other customers that bought the item after you have not bought it.

You can also keep a record of your charges, although that won’t necessarily stop the U.S. from turning you back when you enter their borders.

If the crime was minor (such as stealing a purse or small amount of jewelry) Amazon is more likely to consider you.

But, when you break down those lists and see how they’re similar, it’s actually not much more comprehensive than the typical lists for non-Flex developers.

The company is doing a good job of looking out for the workers it hires, not just the people who work for it, and taking care of them if something happens.

How Do You Check the Status of an Amazon Background Check?

If you have more than 5 days since the background check started, then you should call Amazon Flex support.

You only have 5 days to complete your delivery before you can contact Amazon about your issues.

I’m looking for a candidate with motivation and drive to work hard and meet deadlines.

Why Is Your Background Check Taking So Long for Amazon?

The people who commented on the Amazon background check have a few suggestions for why the Amazon background check might be taking so long to complete.

When the application started, some applicants did nothing but fill out the forms because they weren’t sure if they could submit the applications.

You have to answer all the questions that accompany the videos. This is very important because in most cases the interviewer asks questions about the product.

I think it’s because you forgot to attach the visa you need for this country. You should definitely have them and you need to make sure you have them.

The court has the power to compel the parties to submit to arbitration or to award damages and attorney fees to a petitioner who brings a petition to compel arbitration.

There are so many reasons why your background check could be taking a while and if you’re not content to sit around, then give Amazon Flex Support a call.

Does Amazon Flex Hire Felons?

People in Amazon’s hiring pipeline are already vetted to make sure that they are of good character and don’t have felonies on their records, but the company needs evidence of the negative aspects of your character and background to ensure they have a chance of you not getting away with certain crimes if you get hired.

The company doesn’t completely rule out the possibility, especially if your driving record is a good one.

Does Amazon Flex Drug Test?

Flex is likely going to drug test applicants, and may also perform drug tests during the background process.

Does Amazon Perform a Credit Check?

If you authorize Amazon to perform a credit check, Amazon is allowed to investigate your finances in order to determine whether or not you are a credit risk to your creditors.

What Are the Requirements to Drive for Amazon?

There are some requirements that people must meet if they are going to be seriously considered for a job at Amazon Flex.

You must have the following:
You must be a registered guest and logged in.
You must have an active profile and must be logged in.
You must have an account to vote.
You must be a registered voter in US.
You must use the voter identifier found on your mailing address.
You must be signed into your social networking account to vote.

If this is you, and you want to earn some money on a flexible schedule, then head over to and apply!

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Amazon isn’t picky about who they hire for the Flex delivery team. The company performs in depth criminal background checks to make sure its delivery folks aren’t criminals, and requires applicants to pass an extensive background check, along with other background checks and a drug test.

Even after a felon has served his or her time, a former criminal may still be an otherwise suitable candidate for a job.

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