Instacart Statistics (23 Interesting Facts, Trends + Statistics)

If you’ve ordered grocery delivery from Instacart, then you’re probably looking to know some cool facts about the grocery delivery service.

And here you will learn some of the most fascinating statistics and trends about Grubhub and I will also answer all of the questions that you might have.

Instacart Statistics In 2022

The valuation of Instacart grew by 4,000% in that short time frame from $7.6 billion in 2018 to $39 billion in 2021.

It is an e-commerce company that provides customers with grocery deliveries.

In the near future, delivery services will only continue to grow. As more people in the United States and around the world choose to use Delivery Services, the number of Delivery Services that we have will continue to grow.

People are more accepting of online ordering than ever before and people are ordering from their phone and using a different delivery method.

Since Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market, Instacart has been able to give the same service to customers of the larger grocery store as well.

So, they are just starting the expansion of their service to 500,000 customers per year starting in 2019 and they expect that number to grow quickly.

In 2019, Instacart had almost twice the number of shoppers than it did in 2014!

Although we are still surprised to learn that more than 45,000 stores now utilize Instacart for delivery.

And it will continue growing as more people prefer delivery services because they do not like to go into stores as often.

The delivery service has grown so much it is now available to more than 85% of America’s households.

Not sure what the 70% is actually means though, but it definitely sounds like a very interesting statistic.

We’ll see how it goes. Amazon Prime Video is not available in Canada yet, so I assume that’s a reason why they can’t offer Prime Now. But Amazon is starting to offer Prime Now to some regions in Latin America. So I guess it’s just a matter of time.

When it comes to grocery delivery services, it is not only Amazon but also Instacart in 2021, that will account for 40% of retail food market.

Frozen meat was the most popular item for Instacart. Frozen meat sales were the most lucrative with $112 million in sales!

The study shows that the biggest chunk of Instacart orders are coming from the same people that have ordered from Amazon before.

The 3rd most popular category on Instacart in 2020 was refrigerated poultry which earned a revenue of $87 million.

The eCommerce giant is a market leader worldwide, with a market share of more than $13 billion in 2018, and expected to be over $17 billion by 2020.

Another thing I’ve noticed about Instacart is that they have a huge selection of products as compared to other grocery delivery services.

Instacart has over 600 partners including the country’s largest grocery and
food delivery service, Food Network, a major food delivery service on
college campuses, Safeway, and a number of other major grocery

Also, we can assume that grocery shopping will become even more automated and that the service is not as personal as we think, but more like an app on our phone which we will pick up and not interact with.

The amount of products offered on Instacart has been increasing. The amount of products offered has been increasing by approximately 300,000 new items every two weeks.

Amazon did the same thing when they launched AmazonFresh, but of course Amazon had the advantage of being already a very well established marketplace.

At this point in time, the growth has slowed a lot.
As of 2018, the company has over 40 million monthly active users worldwide.

It is an e-commerce based company and it was founded by Apoorva Mehta in California.

I found this interesting because Apoorva Mehta was the one who founded Instacart. He is also the only person that has been a driver, shopper, and delivery worker at the startup.

I was a little concerned because I was thinking, I wonder if it would be possible to create an app that lets you order groceries without having to actually pick them up yourself.

The company has different ways to make money such as delivery fees, and membership, and has offers that customers can purchase to save money long-term.

Instacarts has been known for raising prices and increasing their profit margins by about 25%. However, the price increase can be 5% or 15% depending on the store.

You can go into a store and be a full service shopper and be given a coupon code to shop at the store, or you can go in with your own code and be a shopper. You can also be an independent contractor and purchase the items yourself.

Depending on the shipping carrier you choose, your final price can change and that cost is built in to your shipping rates.

Working for Instacart can be a great way to make money in your spare time, but it will pay more for you to be a full-service Batch Shopper compared to a Delivery-Only Shopper.

In general, you should try to avoid delivering a completely full-service order at a time when you’re low on product, as you’ll end up paying far less per unit, but you’ll also end up with more empty space in your truck, which is much more expensive to fill, and you’ll have a slightly higher time commitment.

So, if you have a delivery-only batch, you will not only get to keep all of your tips, but you will also get to keep all of your tips!

Not all in-store shoppers are employees, but all employees must be able to do in-store shopping, so there are not many exceptions.

You will also get to choose your availability to work as a part-time Instacart employee.
You will also get a normal shift, and get to choose your availability to work as a part-time Instacart employee.

As a result, the service is only available to customers who want to receive goods at home. As soon as the parcel is delivered to the recipient’s home, the delivery service provider and the recipient begin to communicate in order to establish a delivery method that suits everyone.

Instacart is not only for young people but older people do use it. I guess many people are interested in shopping at home.

For senior citizens, shopping online is much easier since it reduces the need to commute or go to the store. This is what makes online shopping so popular since it saves time and makes their lives easier.

The website Instacart is a well-known platform that allows customers to order items from companies around the world and have them delivered from a local store.

If you use the Express membership you are able to have up to five people working for you per month and they will come to your home. You can pay by the hour and then they will come every hour that you set.

So, if you do not get a membership, then you will be paying extra per month (or each delivery if the order is below $35) for each of your deliveries up to 4 free deliveries.
You can also request that your membership be cancelled if you are not completely satisfied. To cancel your membership, log in and go to my account – cancel membership.
The other option is to continue through the regular route but be more careful with what you order.

Who Uses Instacart the Most?

According to statistics, women are the most frequent and most loyal customer of Instacart. 80% of the orders are of female customers.

As a leading restaurant brand, Saffron is also known for its unique and diverse selection of fresh ingredients, which make our dishes creative and exciting, allowing us to capture the tastes of our customers.

If you already need to be in an hour to get groceries delivered, but you live within minutes of a grocery store, you’re a prime candidate for the service.

Do You Make More Money With Instacart or DoorDash?

You can make more money at DoorDash thanks to the tip you get when your order is delivered.

So, whether a customer is ordering a meal through DoorDash or Instacart and the tip is included or not, it doesn’t really make much of a difference.

You can also read our articles on ShopRite, Instacart headquarters, and how Instacart works.


While the company was profitable for the third quarter in a row, it is a much different story for many of its shoppers and vendors.

Instacart is a grocery delivery app whose shoppers work for the company and can earn up to $25 on a $100 order. So, you can make a bit on your groceries without actually spending any of your time.

In May 2017, Google shut down its web hosting service, Google App Engine (GAE).

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