Does Walmart Deliver To Nyc? (all You Need To Know)

Even though Walmart is one of the most popular retail chains in the US, it doesn’t have any locations in NYC. Does that mean New Yorkers have to miss out on the low prices and large selection that Walmart offers? Not necessarily! There is a Walmart located in the Bronx!

Walmart delivers to NYC? Really? Well, maybe not if you’re not a big fan of shopping at Walmart, but if you’re a regular consumer, you may be interested in the following information.

Does Walmart Deliver to NYC In 2022?

To find out more about how to save money on groceries and groceries from Walmart, how to use online coupons, how to stock your fridge and more, read on. You’ll find all the answers below!

Can You Get Walmart Home Delivery in NYC?

Even though there are no Walmart stores in any of the five boroughs that make up New York City, it is possible to order items online and have them shipped to New York.

But it turns out that Walmart used a little-known courier called USPS that only goes to areas with a population under 1 million people.

The agreement will enable Instacart to sell its products to Walmart online and in Walmart stores.
The partnership will also allow Instacart to use Walmart and Sam’s Club facilities, and Walmart to offer Instacart products through Sam’s Club and other retail locations.
The two companies will have separate customer service departments.

How Does Walmart Deliver to NYC?

Walmart used shipping services like UPS, FedEx, and USPS to deliver items from the warehouse to the NYC store.

Because of the new partnership with Instacart, Walmart is now able to deliver groceries to customers living near them in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

Does Walmart Deliver Groceries in NYC?

You can order groceries online
or through a service like Seamless
– and have the delivery person bring them right to your door.

In an era that has seen the rise of Amazon (and the subsequent loss of many jobs), Walmart has announced that it will begin to offer grocery delivery via Instacart to customers in Brooklyn and Queens, as well as the Bronx. The decision was made to meet a growing demand for grocery delivery and reduce the high costs and congestion that accompanies delivery by delivery truck.

Drivers are independent contractors that pick up the order from a store and deliver it to the address.

How Do I Order Grocery Delivery From Walmart in NYC?

If you want groceries delivered from Walmart to your home or apartment in Brooklyn, Queens, or the Bronx, simply create an account with Instacart.

To select Walmart as your local store, you have to register on Walmart’s website. Next, you’ll see a list of your local Walmart stores. Once you’ve selected your local Walmart, you can choose to skip the Walmart site registration process.

You’ll see a screen that has the products and the prices for you, just click “Continue” to check out.

How Much Does It Cost for Grocery Delivery From Walmart in NYC?

Walmart in NYC is now charging the same price as Instacart for grocery delivery.

Shoppers can download the Instacart app and get free delivery on orders over $35.

How Long Does It Take for Grocery Delivery From Walmart Via Instacart in NYC?

Instacart lets you choose when you want your groceries delivered. The most popular times for delivery are in the late afternoon and evenings.

You could ask for your order to be delivered in only one hour, or you can choose a time during the day or another day of the week.

You can also read our posts on what shipping options are available for you in the U.S. and what countries your items will ship to.


Walmart told their customers that they cannot deliver grocery to their homes because of a coronavirus problem.

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