Unknown Charges From Amazon (what Are They For + Other Common Faqs)

Retailers are no strangers to Amazon, one of the biggest global tech and retail companies whose growth continues to increase every year.

If you like to use Amazon online, then you may be asked to buy more products than you expected. You may be surprised by unexpected fees from Amazon for.

This post is about the most common FAQs regarding unknown Amazon charges.
If you want to learn about a particular unknown charge, you can use the search box on Amazon’s Help Center website. This will lead you to a page explaining the charge.

What Are Unknown Charges From Amazon In 2022?

Amazon.com Gift Card
This is a virtual gift card that can be redeemed for Amazon.com purchases. It is not redeemable for cash, and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Amazon.com Gift Cards can be applied toward current Amazon.com purchases and also in Amazon.com gift-card shopping-cart accounts, but not in other accounts.

If you want to know why Amazon charges more money for a shipping method, keep reading for full info.

How To View Amazon Account Charges?

Also, keep an eye on the shipping costs. If you are not going to have an Amazon delivery at your home, it’s always better to opt for the physical item instead. If it gets lost during the journey, it would be more expensive to get a physical Amazon delivery at your doorstep.

If you would like to view your digital service charges, you must first purchase an Amazon digital services plan from the Amazon app on your mobile device or the website on your computer. You will then be able to view your charges there. To set up an Amazon digital services plan, scroll to the bottom of your Amazon Payments account and select “Digital services” in the “My Account” section.

When you click a transaction, you’ll see all the details about it: date, payment method, total, and order number.

A part of the e-mail will say Amazon.com, and the other part will say the marketplace site that your order was fulfilled on.

You can then confirm the order details and confirm the payment that you have made. If you have made a recurring payment then you will be asked to agree terms and conditions for the recurring payment.

Sometimes when Amazon takes your money, they aren’t sure what happened. So you might see an extra charge on your bank statement from Amazon. You can contact them to investigate. But, be careful not to get scammed by bad actors.

What Are Unknown Amazon Charges For?

Amazon may be using a technique called “retargeting” to follow you around like a stalker. If you have an account with Amazon.com, you may already be using this tracking technology.

According to Amazon, the most common reason for unknown charges are the renewal of yearly subscriptions to Amazon Prime.

You might have heard your email reminder notifying you of the upcoming renewal, so it’s best to go to the Manage Your Prime Membership page to make sure nothing has changed.

Video streaming is one of the possible scenarios for the unknown charges on Amazon, as you or someone in your household might have used Amazon’s digital streaming services without remembering the cost factor.

You pay the usual credit card/debit card fee for their services.
The bank you pay your bill with typically has an annual fee tied to the credit card/debit card you’re paying with.

Now, you should check your charge history and try to find something you’ve done recently that could have accidentally triggered the charge.
But if you see a charge that you definitely didn’t make, you might want to take a breath and relax. This could be bad news or it could be good news.
Just keep in mind that Amazon will send you a new account if an account holder fails to pay back the loan on time.

These charges could also come from additional cards linked to your bank account, or item shipping for pre-order, back-order, or gift purchases.

If you don’t have the shipping address linked to a credit you will see those separate charges appear on your statement.

If you place an order on another website using Amazon Pay, it will appear with “P01” followed by a 14-digit number.
Amazon has acknowledged an issue regarding unknown charges. Amazon Pay users are reportedly seeing charges on their accounts as “P01.” Amazon has confirmed the issue in a statement to The Verge.

If you can’t find the original, you can always contact Amazon and ask them if your money was taken.

What Is An Amazon Bank Hold?

When you make a purchase with a credit or debit card, the bank will make the payment on your behalf, but there is a brief processing delay before the funds are available in your account. You’ll be charged for this time, and not all banks will allow you to avoid this charge, which can be an unwelcome surprise.

When you buy an item from Amazon, Amazon verifies that the payment method you’re using is valid. Even if you’re using a credit card, the credit card company may contact you, and may place an authorization hold on your card for a limited time.

You have a bank hold on your account. If you don’t want to pay the hold, just call the bank and they will remove it.

However, if you cancel or change an Amazon order, it’s possible a hold may be placed on your Amazon account following Amazon’s terms of service.

This isn’t something to stress about, because the bank will clear up the hold and you can always contact the financial institution to see how long authorizations last for online orders.

If you think that you didn’t receive something or you don’t understand why it’s delayed, you can reach out to Amazon’s customer service.

What Are Amazon Digital Service Charges?

Another reason for “Unknown Charges” are the service charges that you may have been charged Amazon for and not received a notification on your Amazon account.

All of Amazon’s digital services will be charged as one charge, whether it’s direct services like Amazon Kindle or associated apps such as Hulu and Starz.

For an example of how a monthly payment will be displayed within your account, please refer to the Amazon Kindle Unlimited page.

If a purchaser uses your Amazon account to buy a book, movie, or mobile game from Amazon, you will often be charged digital service fees.

Double authorization in the Amazon payments to make sure any purchases made are done by the person who should be making them.

You should also check for auto-renewal options on your Amazon digital services, and your digital business solution.

How To Report Unauthorized Amazon Activity?

When it came to reporting online fraud, the biggest tips were to do it quickly and be sure to write a clear detailed account and include clear photos of the goods.

Amazon Prime has a subscription feature, which you can enable or disable under your Account settings. If you enable it, Amazon will start charging you automatically for a monthly subscription to Amazon Prime.

If something seems to be fraudulent, you will need to let your bank know right away.

If it seems like a person or an unauthorized company accessed your Amazon account or sent you fraudulent charges, change your Amazon password right away.

The attacker can use your credit card information to purchase goods and services on your behalf.

If you are receiving a fraudulent charge or your card is being used (to your knowledge) in an unauthorized manner, you must advise your bank and Amazon.com customer service.

If the seller does not comply with your request, please contact your bank or the seller identified in the listing. We do not process any refund requests related to bank blockings.

A person who has been accused by another person of a dishonest act is generally expected to clear the charges.

The next day, I read about a new Amazon employee who posted a screenshot on Reddit showing the difference between the number of orders Amazon reports on their dashboards and what Sezzle shows. While the screenshot looked great, it turned out that Amazon had the employee who posted the photo, remove it later.


But that doesn’t mean you should forget about your local supermarket or supermarket chain when it comes to finding a quality vacuum for your home or business. After all, they may have even better deals than Amazon.

The Amazon Prime program is a great benefit for those looking to shop online. Amazon Prime offers a variety of services including free 2-day shipping, instant video streaming, unlimited photo storage, and much more.

You can rest assured that Amazon’s security measures will protect your online payments and activity, but it’s also important to monitor your account for any unexpected payments.

If you ever find some charges on your Amazon account, you should take a look at the options above to make sure there aren’t really something you didn’t intend to do.

If you have had trouble receiving your product from Amazon.com, or the delivery process has been slow, then you can try contacting Amazon customer service through the website itself.

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