Paypal Charged Me Twice (Can It Be Fixed + Other Faqs)

There’s a possibility that you’ve been charged twice or more for the same item or service and that’s super frustrating.

I learned, duplicate charges happen when you send a payment to PayPal and someone else sends a payment to PayPal at the same time. The money never gets to your account, only the other person’s.

Why Did Paypal Charge Me Twice In 2022?

PayPal is designed to prevent users from sending money to another person twice. When you send someone money from your PayPal account, it’s called a Payment. If you send money to someone from your PayPal account, it’s called a Payment. If you send money to another person, it’s called a Payment.

If you want to learn more about why duplicate charges happen, how to fix it, and more, then read on!

Why Did PayPal Charge Me Twice?

Your account may have been locked because of a suspicious transaction history and we couldn’t recover it. All funds you have in your PayPal account are safe and sound.

PayPal had an error in October 19th, 2010, when it had an error related to a user’s information. The user’s credit card was reported lost because the information regarding the credit card was incorrect. As a result, PayPal had an error related to a user’s data, but the error did not cause the user to experience any additional charges.

What is the problem?
Did we do anything wrong?

In the PayPal Community, you could find many users complaining about the payment error and complaining about the issue.

Users of PayPal had been informed their bank statement was double charged. This only showed one charge in their PayPal account, and the merchant only received one charge.

Unfortunately, because the merchant only received one charge, the buyer didn’t receive a refund. However, PayPal only saw one charge and wasn’t able to do anything else.

Unfortunately, the bank who charged them incorrectly did not follow up with PayPal for several months, and only refunded my account after repeated phone calls.

What If PayPal Charges Me Twice?

If your PayPal account has a duplicate charge on your statement, the duplicate charges will appear under the “Activity” section in PayPal.

A few things to consider when dealing with your bank, credit card company, or PayPal: If you are charged multiple times for the same item, you may want to check with your bank or credit card company to ensure that your account hasn’t been compromised.

This will require the assistance of another bank or credit company.

A major error should be considered fraud – and that is very easy to remedy. If your money is being withheld, then they can resolve this by giving you another card or contacting your bank to have the charge removed.

You can contact PayPal by calling: 1-888-221-1161. Additionally, you can access PayPal’s Contact Us page.

Once the seller receives the refund request, the seller should refund your money.

If the seller doesn’t refund quickly then you can request a chargeback from PayPal.

When you request a refund, you will have up to thirty days to complete an online refund transaction.

However, if the merchant is in an EU country, the consumer’s
rights are clear and simple and no further action is necessary.

You’re allowed to dispute the charge…and if that doesn’t work, you may have to call an Uber representative and ask them to cancel the ride.

How Do I Cancel a Duplicate Payment on PayPal?

If a customer clicks the PayPal button for a purchase and then decides not to complete the payment by choosing a different checkout option, you can only take back the money if the payment has not yet been processed.
If a payment is rejected, it is refunded immediately.

If you got your charge duplicated, don’t worry, you can cancel it once you see the duplicate charge on your screen by going to the “Account Information” tab.

You would need to cancel it, then manually refund their money from your bank account.

If you don’t see “Cancel” next to the payment, that means it’s no longer pending, and you cannot cancel the transaction.

After you confirm a payment, you’ll see a list of the payment in the Payments tab.

The process of finding out why you are being charged a fee is always a hassle. To find out more, you can also read our related posts on PayPal account, refund and charge.


Another reason could be that you ordered more than one item, or are subscribed to multiple services, and are billed twice for the same thing. Paypal says it is the customer’s responsibility to review their recent transactions for possible billing errors, but it is also important to note that if there are billing errors on your account, those should be reported to PayPal as well.

Unfortunately, fixing this is harder in some cases. For example, if the item was sold on eBay without a receipt, you will have to track down the seller to get a refund. Fortunately, in most cases you will be able to get your money back.

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