What Is Amazon.de? (All You Need To Know)

With its number two and number one spots on the Fortune 500 list, Amazon has established it as the leader in e-commerce.

Amazon.de is the German equivalent of Amazon.com. The Amazon.de online store is separate in its own right, and is run by Amazon Germany, which is just a branch of Amazon.com. The Amazon.de site is the largest German website, and has over 1,000 employees. They have a huge variety of retail and online shopping options, including books, fashion and electronics! The Amazon.de website is not operated by the same people as the Amazon.com website.

What Is Amazon.de In 2022?

Amazon UK is the e-commerce giant’s British site, short for United Kingdom. While other Amazon sites serve as markets for U.S. and Canadian products, Amazon UK offers international shipping throughout Europe, special early-bird deals, and Marketplace products from local U.K. sellers.

The Amazon.de website, as well as all of the items, are very well-designed, visually appealing, and easy to
The categories on the site make it easy to find everything you need.

The site also boasts of being easy to use and has a lot of helpful tutorials.
The prices might not be the best, but sometimes the prices on Amazon.de are even cheaper than Amazon.com.

What Can You Buy On Amazon.de?

Amazon.com has thousands of products across different categories, just as you’d expect from other leading Amazon sites, like Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, or Amazon.com.au.

The international shipping options for Amazon are generally good. However, sometimes international shipping is significantly more expensive than domestic shipping.

Amazon.de also has a large selection of the most popular products from AmazonBasics, which includes everything from the essentials such as notebooks, USB drives, headphones and keyboards to the most popular consumer electronics and appliances.

Plug adapters for the United States, Europe and much of the world, are also top sellers on Amazon.com.

If you look on Amazon.de, you can see the same categories, and so you can browse it just like the original Amazon website.

How Does Shipping Work On Amazon.de?

The most important characteristic of the new Amazon.de is its ability to accept payment in Euros, pounds, or other common currencies, so it works particularly well for shoppers with ties to more than one country.

As soon as you select your Amazon.de delivery location, the shipping cost will be displayed at the top of this page. It’s worth mentioning that you can also change the store you purchase from to a different one.

Books ordered through Amazon.de’s website will get free shipping no matter how small the order. Shipping within Germany is free.

In addition to that you are able to pay a lower shipping fee or choose a free or cheap shipping option. There are multiple shipping methods that you can choose from depending on your order size.

All Amazon Germany orders will show the total costs (including shipping) in the item description, as Amazon Germany does for all orders on Amazon.de

*In the following screenshot, the order is for a $15.00 item.

*If the country is not listed, Amazon will try to deliver your order from the USA.

You may receive your items within one business day by DHL or by FedEx. Some orders can take longer.
If you order an item with an option for DHL or FedEx, you can return the order if it doesn’t show up within a month.

You get to see the exact same prices and shipping times as Amazon.de and can even check out how much you’ll pay to ship something back to the USA, which is generally free.

Is Amazon Prime Available On Amazon.De?

The good news for Amazon Germany customers is that Prime memberships are available. They offer a number of exciting benefits at an affordable monthly cost.

Amazon.de’s free, easy shopping makes it a popular choice for regular Germans, especially those who like the unlimited movies and TV shows.

Prime has got some interesting benefits that really give you the power to save money. Shipping to Canada for example makes it possible to buy everything online for free, even things like Apple TV, that would otherwise be quite expensive..

We’ll ship your order using our standard delivery, which usually takes 4-5 business days (excluding Weekends & Holidays).

For eligible items, we offer an expedited two-day delivery for only $10. We’ll ship your order using our express delivery, which usually arrives in three business days (excluding Weekends & Holidays).

Prime memberships in Germany also come with a free evening delivery or a same-day delivery on eligible orders.

When you order your product, click the ‘Order Now’ button that displays on the top right of an individual product page. Then you will be redirected to a delivery service that will display the shipping time of the product.

When you select “Ship to a different address” the selected “Ship to a different address” is automatically deleted from your cart. For other changes or additions please keep the cart as it appears or make any changes that you would like before checking out.

With Prime you can get free shipping and the shipping costs at amazon.de are lower than at Amazon.com.

A number of discounts are available on the Amazon Germany website for the Prime members in Germany.
And to finish our coverage of the Amazon Germany Black Friday deals, here are some last-minute bargains we spotted on the German website.

Can You View Amazon Germany In English?

Amazon.de is a German online shopping site! The only other online shopping site in English is Amazon.us.

You can switch between German and English displays when you purchase books with Amazon Germany.

Language options make Amazon.de an attractive option for people who live in Germany and those total 130 million people who speak German worldwide [as a second language].

The European Union and its citizens tend to prefer products made in their own countries. The EU has its own customs union, meaning it has more control over its people, and has a common market.

While Amazon has yet to reveal what specific languages it might be offering, it seems safe to assume the German edition will include many thanks to the country’s fast growing tech scene.

You can view over 4 thousand free books and magazines in German and other languages. Furthermore, you can stream over 40 million songs from national and international artists through Prime Music.

Amazon is a store and an online marketplace for shopping, which includes everything from books to appliances. Amazon is a great marketplace for people to shop online, and Amazon has many countries that they ship to for people to shop from, Germany included.

If Amazon were to drop the price of shipping of books, they would not be able to keep such a low price. For example, the average price of an e-book on Amazon is $7.99. If Amazon raised the price of shipping from 5% to 10%, Amazon would have to raise the price of e-books on Amazon.com by at least $1.00. Amazon does not want to do this, because they would lose the low price of e-books that they offer.


Amazon is the company that sells the physical products at the top of the web page; the rest is just advertising.

Amazon.de lets you switch between any two languages by clicking on the top menu. This will give you a small preview of your purchase in the highlighted language. You can then simply make the final transaction in english. You do not have to switch to english on each page.

Aside from the several languages, the best advantage of Amazon.de is the convenient shipping options, including free express shipping to Germany and Austria, including same-day deliveries on eligible items with Prime membership benefits.

The best thing about Amazon.de is the wide variety of great deals. You can browse through tons of deals for things like clothing, electronics, and even furniture. The great thing about Amazon.De is the huge range of different deals. There are so many choices for things like books, TVs, and furniture, so you can browse for something that suits you perfectly. What’s more, you can find things like clothing and electronics that are sold at a really good price.

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