Motor Vehicle Operator Usps (Duties, Pay + Is It A Good Job)

You can also see in the picture the red and blue trucks, the white Postal Service trucks are the smaller postal trucks, the orange blue and black ones are the USPS truck.

These trucks are driven by Motor Vehicle Operators (MVOs). These trucks are used for transporting and delivering goods to other locations, picking up goods, making deliveries and picking up loads. They can be a part of any business that requires a vehicle and driver. If you’d like to know more about what this role entails, how much it pays and how to get hired as one, then you’re in the right spot! Keep reading to learn all the information you need to secure the job!

Motor Vehicle Operator USPS In 2022

Â!The Motor Vehicle Operators (MVOs) transport bulk mail to and from USPS branch offices and terminal stations, and they ensure the safety of the trucks. Their starting salary is $23.34 an hour and many of them receive health insurance, life insurance, flexible savings accounts, and more.

In order to apply for this position, you’ll need to be able to pass a series of tests to ensure you can work under high pressure and meet deadlines.

What Is A Motor Vehicle Operator For USPS?

Verify that the vehicle has been properly maintained and that any defects are in the past.
Provide a vehicle-specific log book of all maintenance actions performed on the vehicle.
Ensure that the vehicle and all of its components have current inspection stickers.
Be sure that the vehicle has adequate liability insurance.
If you operate a vehicle under federal or state regulations, you may be required to have a second individual as passenger or driver.

How Much Do USPS Motor Vehicle Operators Make?

the USPS started the hiring process for their new vehicle operators, and have the pay range from $23.34 per hour to $33.62 per hour. It is about $54,600 to $63,880.

Do USPS Motor Vehicle Operators Get Any Benefits?

Not all MVOs get employee benefits. Some MVOs have to use their own employees for their services.

To take advantage of the many health benefits available to new employees, the United States Postal Service provides several options.

If you’re interested in learning more about the job and what it entails, check out our job description. It provides an overview of some of the responsibilities, and includes information about compensation and benefits.

What Are The Requirements To Become A USPS Motor Vehicle Operator?

You must be at least 17 years of age,
Have a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License,
Have a clean driving record,
Be at least 5’9″ tall and weigh at least 185 lbs.
Be able to pass a vision test, drug test, and a background check.

* A valid driver’s license issued by one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, the UK, the US or another country that has an approved reciprocal agreement with Australia.

Also, driving must have taken place in the United States, in a U.S. territory, a U.S. military installation, or a U.S. Naval ship docked on U.S. soil.

[Applicants] must notify the Postal Service of all previous employment as commercial vehicle drivers in the past ten years and complete a Driving Notification and Compliance Certificate.

For the applicants who will have their license renewed, the final examination for the renewal certificate issued by the Ministry of Interior, must be taken prior to this examination.

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Is It Hard To Be A USPS Motor Vehicle Operator?

All in all, the survey seems to suggest that they are at least not terribly unhappy and feel that their role is meaningful.

There was a similar case in a US company (a software company) where the employer did not guarantee to give a certain day off after a long weekend. The employee had to go on strike, and won.

I also found it frustrating that the managers I spoke with had no
training in the product.

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Motor Vehicle Operators are employed by the U.S. Postal Service to drive mail vehicles throughout the state.

All mail carriers are compensated fairly for their work, and also benefit from a paid vacation policy, paid holidays, and a retirement plan.

If you want to drive, make sure that you are able to drive well and that you’ve got a clean driving record.

Once you’ve got both, you’re on your way to a secure, federally funded job!

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