What Are Official Mail Stamps? (Meaning, Value + More)

The federal government and hundreds of agencies like it have a contract with the private firm USA Mail, which allows them to exchange messages at a discounted rate.

Official mail gets its official name from the fact that it was a penalty mail back in the day, when it was originally used. This is because it usually had an exorbitant amount of stamps included in the envelope, which meant that the sender had to pay some additional money in addition to the amount of postage. I think that it’s a shame that they don’t use actual postage on this stuff anymore!

What Are Official Mail Stamps?

Official Mail stamps are postage stamps issued by the United States Post Office Department. The Official Mail stamp was discontinued in 2013, as the Department of Homeland Security chose instead to accept Visa payment for government mail intended for delivery to the United States.

You can learn about the history of postal stamps and find out why the United States Postal Service decided to stop making them.

What Is Official Mail?

Official Mail is the mail from the government that is used by the public to send correspondence to various government organizations such as embassies, consulates, and other government offices.

U.S. companies used to buy official mail to communicate business-related things, like buying new equipment, as they did with regular mail.

The government could order the postal system to deliver this type of mail without prepayment of postage.

According to the USPS, agencies must pay for the postal fees and postage and then pay back the government for the postage that was received.

In the United States, government departments usually use Penalty Envelopes for mail or metered mail for most communications.

What Are Official Mail Stamps?

It was the official postage stamp used by the government to mail their own mail.

Postage was not limited by law as it is today, and therefore it was not rare to see Official Mail stamped with a Post Office name instead of Official.

Each official governmental department was issued a set of Official First-Class Mail stamps, along with the standard First-Class Mail stamps.

The US Post Office also created a number of other special stamps to celebrate American independence and the Centennial of the birth of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They included stamps designed to commemorate the American Bicentennial, the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Marquis de Lafayette, and the bicentennial of the birth of Thomas Jefferson.

The government would mail letters, envelopes, and other important papers in their own envelopes. They were usually addressed to the department.

The stamp shortage made it hard to use mail so the Government stopped issuing Official Mail stamps in 1879.

Additionally, both the stamps and the envelopes were abolished in 1884. But there were more years of use of official mail stamps between 1910-1914 in order to save on stamps.

In 1983 when the US Postal Service released its first official postage stamps, people used them to mail their tax payments, bills, and insurance premiums.

While the Postal Service used stamps to send letters, it was not until the late 1800s that they started to design stamps for mail from agencies.

As for the “official” stamps, that was when they did away with the regular USPS stamps.

Can I Use Official Mail Stamps?

You need to use US Official Mail stamps when sending mail to the military. You can also use US Official Mail stamps to send mail to civilian government employees.

Instead of you sending your own letter, instead you write a letter and put on the stamp that says that you sent it.

A person who uses a canceled U.S. postage stamp to send a letter may be subject to a civil penalty of up to $300.

Who Can Use Official Mail Stamps?

The USPS didn’t have a rule that said that you couldn’t use official mail stamps to send mail to Cuba, but some people did want to use them.

The Immigration Service,
The Post Office Department,
The Central Intelligence Agency, and
The Treasury Department.

What Do Official Mail Stamps Look Like?

Although the stamps are in a different design, each year they all look the same.

In the end, this design for the “Mail USA” stamp paid homage to the original eagle, which is the official bird of the U.S.

It’s interesting that the government has such bold and legible type for its “USA” stamp. On the other hand, the fine lettering on the next two stamps is smaller and even the type on the “For Peace & Justice” stamp is smaller and more difficult to read.

Not all denominations are given a printing year. Some have a printed date, but no printed year.

How Much Are Official Mail Stamps Worth?

Official mail was printed on paper, and was used on a variety of things such as envelopes, packages, and other mailing devices. They were also often given away as prizes in competitions such as drawing contests.

It seems that the cost of the stamp and the size of the denomination are key factors in it’ value today. For most letters, you can probably get by with the US Mail, but if you want to send something that requires more protection or is larger, then you need to buy the stamps first since the post office won’t take a bill for it.

Older stamps are more scarce and more expensive than the more modern stamps.

Many of the stamps were bought at auctions by collectors and many of them are worth more when they are in used condition.

They needed to pay more attention to the environment and what they did and did not put in their garbage, and to avoid unnecessary use of resources.

Can I Buy Official Mail Stamps?

You can buy stamps as collector items but you cannot use them for anything other than mail.

If there is an Official Mail stamp for sale, it might mean that the postal system is working.

To know more about military stamps, you can also see our posts on the first military stamps, the USPS stamp types, and the airmail stamps.

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Official mail stamps were a part of the United States’ official mail system, which included penalty metered mail, penalty permit imprint mail, penalty Periodicals imprint mail, and penalty reply mail.

The use of Official Mail forms that weren’t always official and just used by anyone was discontinued and these Official Mail forms are still used today.
[Paraphrase] The red bar below the date indicates the date of the letter’s creation.

So, while the government officials aren’t using Official Mail stamps anymore, collectors will happily scoop them as an exciting addition to their collection.

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