What Are Non-machinable Stamps? (meaning, Value + More)

There are a few different sizes of mail. So while the mail sorting machines are very good at sorting the mail into normal-sized envelopes, they don’t do such a good job at sorting smaller packets and boxes. The problem is, the smaller the packet, the more difficult it is to open that packet, and the more likely it is that the USPS will have to send the package to a special service that can open the packet for you.

Mailpieces that are out of the system, are either too big for the machine or need to be hand canceled. That takes more time.

We’ll be able to monitor the system over the next few months to determine the full impact on the delivery system. Our objective and goal is to minimize the impact of delays on our ability to deliver your mail and meet your deadlines.

When you put the stamp on your envelope with the NON-MACHINABLE stamp and it says a SURCHARGE is required, it’s because the stamp was printed by the USPS.

What Are Non-Machinable Stamps?

If you are wondering about non-machinable stamps, like where to find them and how much they cost, keep reading for all the answers you need!

What Is Non-Machinable Mail?

Non-Machinable mail, as the name suggests, is mail that cannot be processed by a conventional mail processing machine or post office device.

In simpler terms, it is any piece of mail that has an odd shape or size, due to the fact that the mail is too large to fit inside of any of the machines.

no more than 12 1/2 x 17 1/2 inches including envelopes.
See United States Postal Manual, supra, at 28.

Well, that’s a problem if you don’t have a printer! So, if you need to print a lot of letters, or if your printer is acting up, there are other types of mailing providers.

Sometimes, they’ll take a quick peek at the mail before rejecting it (although most times, you wouldn’t even notice).

The United States Postal service does add some fees to mail that doesn’t fit in the machine that picks up letters and packages and puts them in trucks to be delivered.

What Is The Non-Machinable Surcharge For First-Class Mail?

If you use a service to handle returns, your company needs to know that someone will be in charge of processing the returns. You should be able to specify exactly what will be done and when.

There are some types of mail that will not be processed automatically. This is usually the case when your mail is in another country. There will be an extra charge for each piece that is returned to your facility.

Because they’re manually sorted by USPS employees, which can be a time-intensive job, shipping labels are more expensive than normal ones. The surcharge covers the labor cost.

The package has a total package weight of more than 11 pounds.
The package weighs more than one pound per 1,000 square inches of surface area.
The package weighs more than 3 pounds per linear foot of length.

The current standard surcharge for non-machinable tires is $0.30. The current standard surcharge for all others is $0.60. This includes tires for motorcycles.

How Much Do Non-Machinable Stamps Cost?

In order to be able to get the $0.30 price advantage, a customer would have to buy two Non-Machinable stamps and mail their envelopes with the other stamp.

Are Non-Machinable Stamps Forever Stamps?

In the case that the cost of the stamp increases, the new stamp will also represent the new payment amount.

This means that if one day, the U.S. postal service raised your postage, you would be able to use the stamp you bought today, even though you may have paid less than the current price.

Can I Use A Non-Machinable Stamp On Regular Mail?

Technically speaking, you can use a non-machinable stamp for regular mail, which is usually used for international mail.

This is the one-ounce portion of the stamp. Non-Machinable means that it can’t be used on a letter with machinable ink, which includes First-Class.

The fact that you’re not using a stamp machine doesn’t mean that your letter is standard size. As long as you’re using a standard-sized letter, you don’t have to pay any extra fees.

If I Don’t Have A Non-Machinable Stamp, Can I Use Two Forever Stamps?

But if you want to know when a package will be delivered, it’s no longer helpful to look at the shipment time because the USPS is starting to send packages out the same day they’re shipped. The only thing that can tell you with certainty when your package will be delivered is the Next-Day-Air shipping method, which is $6.99.

The USPS is also known to add on surcharges to letters, and they have no restriction on who they can go to. They can go to anybody they want.

We would also suggest to use multiple Forever Stamps instead of a Non-Machinable stamp when shipping something that’s not going to need a new Forever Stamp.

I hope this helps clear things up!

This is the reason that non-Machinable stamps are getting more and more rare, because they are worth more, so people will usually stick with regular Machinable stamps.

Where Can I Buy Non-Machinable Stamps?

To buy stamps, you can do it at your local post office, at the post office website, or over the phone by calling 1-800-782-6724.

When buying stamps online or over the phone, you will need to buy a whole sheet of 20 stamps. You can only have 20 on your stamp collection at any time.

How Much Are Non-Machinable Stamps?

The Postal Service has stopped selling the regular first-class stamps because they cannot afford to pay the price to the manufacturers, so as a temporary solution, the Postal Service has started selling Non-Machinable stamps. You do have to pay extra for the postage on the Non-Machinable stamps, but the stamps are less expensive than the regular first-class stamps.

There are more than 50,000 known varieties of stamps.

What Do Non-Machinable Stamps Look Like?

There are stamps in the world that cannot be manufactured on a machine. They can only be done manually by stamping the stamp with a hammer.

It started when USPS and the Greeting Card Association jointly said that printed greeting cards are no longer an official use of the United States Postal Service.

There were problems in the postal regulations that could make it more time-consuming and laborious for consumers to properly apply postage to the envelopes.

This meant that the butterfly on the stamp would be the same size as the stamps it was replacing and the same as the size of other stamps that featured decorative elements on their stamps, so that consumers would no longer have had the problem of being unable to use a large stamp with a decorative element.

The California Dogface Butterfly and the Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly are the only two stamps featured on USPS.

In addition to it’s use in the United States Postal System, the stamp is also used on official government documents in the US.


whether you are sending a wedding invitation or a birthday card, USPS’ Non-Machinable stamps are there to help you get your thing to its destination, safely for an affordable price.

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