Usps Background Check Policy (All You Need To Know)

Few careers can offer growth, the security and the benefits of having a job with the United States Postal Service; and that’s why their hiring process is so rigorous.

If something bad happened between you and an employer before, don’t worry – you can prove that to an employer. If you’re able to, you can convince the employer that this isn’t the first time you were treated unfairly.

The USPS background check policy is that if you are not currently hired they will not accept the background check. You will have to complete the background check before you go to work for them.

USPS Background Check Policy 2022

The United States Postal Service requires all of its workers to have impeccable driving records. Employees must meet the requirements of a commercial driver’s license or obtain a CDL within 24 months of taking a position with USPS. The driving record includes being able to pass a driving test for every state where the employee operates a motor vehicle.

The Postal Service’s employment background checks are conducted under three separate federal laws.
The first is the Post Office Act of 1789, which governs how the Postal Service is operated as an independent agency.
The second is the Civil Service Reform Act, which is used to determine what the Postal Service can and cannot do to prevent discrimination or favoritism in hiring and promotions.
The third is the Postal Reorganization Act, which sets the basic framework for the Postal Service.

What Kind Of Background Check Does USPS Do?

The United States Postal Service performs a number of background checks including credit, criminal, and national security checks.

A background check is a search on the applicant’s criminal past and can show if they have any criminal history, or if they have ever been arrested or charged with a crime.

Background checks will probably not look at whether you’ve recently traveled to Syria, as that is not a criteria for the background check.

I have checked her citizenship over the last five years, and I find that she lived in the UK for part of the last five years, but I cannot complete the checks because it is before the act of leaving Britain.

That might disqualify a candidate for employment.

You must provide your name and last five years of address for the background checks as well as provide your driver’s license at the time of the application.

The new system is being implemented to ensure the safety of our members. You will also have to verify your date of birth and social security number.

It will ask you to agree to allow it to do a mail delivery check.
Then it will ask for your full name, e-mail address, and mailing address.

Finally, USPS considers your employment history, including whether or not you have been fired, when considering whether or not to extend your period of employment.

When you do the application it’s not going to disqualify you if you’ve been fired.

In either case, the person making your case and ultimately deciding if you deserve the job is a human being with real feelings, hopes, and dreams like you.

What Disqualifies You From Working For USPS?

While being convicted of a felony or a poor driving record could be a disqualifier for being employed by the Postal Service, you can work if you’re honest.

If you are applying for a job that doesn’t require a significant amount of driving – like a cashier – you should bring a squeaky-clean driving record to the table.

 The US doesn’t know if its citizens actually live in the US.

You can still get hired even if the driving record isn’t great. However, it will be a problem for your potential employer.

These crimes have absolutely no bearing on being a good driver. As far as the federal government is concerned, you’re still a safe driver.

Can You Work For USPS With A Felony?

The United States Postal Service is not as concerned about the background of the employees, although it does consider a number of other factors.

We do not provide any background checks on our vendors. We do not request or receive identifying information other than what is on file with the federal government or in our credit card processing agreements which contain an identifier such as a card number, billing address, and cardholder name.

The Postal Service recognizes the efforts of people with criminal records to demonstrate rehabilitation. In order to gain the trust of the public, the postal service should conduct a background check.

Even those convicted of felonies can apply with the full knowledge that their application will be considered with a fair and open mind.

The defendant’s character was also considered in evaluating whether to impose or suspend the sentence.

You could have a past record of employment if you have been employed in the last five years. In this case, you will need to tell the truth about past employment history and be truthful and honest about any other criminal activity on your record.

But a misdemeanor conviction will be reported to the DNC, and the DNC will then make an independent decision to decide whether or not to sanction the candidate.

Yes. If the conviction was due to civil (noncriminal) reasons, you may still be able to get benefits, but this is not a legal determination. We’re talking about eligibility.

You’re a person with a criminal record, and you have to live under the shadow of that for all of your life. That will not change. You will never have a chance to have a job, to be a productive member of society or to serve as a role model of integrity and ethics for those around you.

In all these cases, the Post Office does not require you to report.

How Far Does A USPS Background Check Go?

The Post Office looks at your history up to five years previous, but the history on your card is only three years
previous. We’ll have the new history for you the next time you want to change your address.

There is no reason for it to be any different now from what there was when they hired people convicted of felonies.

The company requires that the applicant be a current student of the company, and the applicant needs to be able to show that he or she has maintained a high level of academic achievement.

To know more about USPS policies, you can read our posts on USPS policies and procedures.


The United States Postal Service requires that every person on their pre-hire list undergo a full background check.

This requires them to show that they’ve been rehabilitated. It’s a process. The applicant must show that they deserve a second chance by showing that they have been rehabilitated.

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