What Is Amazon.ca? (All You Need To Know)

Amazon was once a one-stop shop for all sorts of products, including books. Now Amazon is more about the Amazon Brand than it is about just selling online. They want customer loyalty, not just a shopping cart full of stuff.

Amazon Canada is not a separate company, but rather a division of Amazon.com. It operates from the Ontario-based office and is one of the largest web retailers in the world. The site currently operates a few international Amazon stores, which sell goods from Amazon.com’s international store.

What Is Amazon.ca In 2022?

Amazon.ca is a Canadian website which sells everything from electronics to household items to toys to clothing. Many Canadians purchase their items from the site instead of buying them directly from the US. The website operates similar to Amazon.com, with the same shipping prices and availability. You can save by shopping with them.

If you are interested in learning more about Amazon.ca, including why you might or might not want to buy something from here, then continue reading!

What Can You Buy on Amazon.ca?

Amazon.ca is super convenient choice because you can order goods online from your phone or computer.

The Canadian Amazon site has items that are available here and elsewhere like the U.S. site.

That’s why Amazon can ship products to and from different locations, but since the majority of Amazon’s orders come from customers who live in the United States, there’s a lot of the same shipping costs from coast to coast.

Amazon is also providing a discount if they buy your products on Amazon, so there are great reasons to buy on Amazon in Canada.

The company is shipping all over the world. Canada is one of many countries where it’s easier to ship from within the same continent instead of within the same country.

Items and brands from Amazon are added all the time, so it’s good to check the home page of the Canadian site to see the categories and products.

How Does Shipping Work on Amazon.ca?

Canada actually has almost 14 warehouses, including 7 in Ontario, 2 in British Columbia, and one in Alberta.

There are still a lot of people in Canada that do not want Amazon to use their country and they may protest against them.

This is due to the fact that we do not have our own facility that is able to make these items. Also, at times, the manufacturer may not have the products on hand.

Does Amazon Canada Have Prime?

Amazon has a lot of things to buy, if you have Prime you can order almost everything.

Amazon Prime is a great service and the free delivery is great, but I don’t like having to pay for the video streaming service and Prime Reading.

In addition to Lightning Deals and exclusive deals, Amazon.ca offers customers with a Prime account special features.

Amazon.ca offers a free trial of their Prime service, which you can use for 30 days. After that time it’s priced at CDN $7.99 per month, plus taxes.

As far as the exception for Quebec go, if you are only going to be in Canada for two months and you are not a resident of Quebec you would benefit more from a free trial.

Canadians can get an extra 10% off their first 30 days and can sign up for Amazon Prime to get free two-day shipping.

Is Amazon U.S. or Canada Better?

Overall, Amazon is the same and has the same products, and the same shopping experience.

In the current climate, it doesn’t matter which shopping site you shop at, you’re better off getting products from brands with a good reputation.

The only reliable way to find out whether our products are available in your country is to check with your local Rolstoff dealer.

Amazon.com, Inc. is committed to providing low prices to our customers. We believe that our lowest prices, coupled with the convenience of our shopping experience, enable our customers to take advantage of today’s online shopping opportunities and to make purchases in a convenient and cost-effective manner. This is achieved through an extensive network of distribution centers and fulfillment centers that handle orders for a wide variety of items.

I don’t really understand why, but if your country has a dedicated Amazon site, then you’ll save a lot of hassle and money when you buy.

I would recommend ordering online through Amazon.com, rather than Amazon Canada. They both ship through the same fulfillment system, so you get the same shipping time.

Also, you as an Amazon Prime member, you as an Amazon Prime member, you can enjoy big savings as a member in Canada.

You can also use this knowledge to determine what will happen if the Amazon sign-in attempt fails. If a user gets to the sign-in page and then gets a failure, you will most likely lose that customer.
Now that you know what the sign-in page looks like, you will have no problems understanding the flow of a sign-in attempt.


Shopping on Amazon.ca has all of the benefits of Amazon.com, but the company makes sure to optimize for the Canadian market, so you can find a local selection of unique gifts, with Prime shipping and low prices guaranteed.

Amazon.ca can be used to buy goods from Amazon.com, and items from Amazon.ca can also be shipped to any address in the United States.
Amazon.ca does have a Canadian price, however, prices are set by Amazon.com.
*Note: You can use Amazon.ca for purchases, if you are paying with a Canadian credit card.

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