What Is My Amazon Profile Link? (how To Find It + Other Faqs)

Amazon offers a large selection of products, at great prices. You can also save money on shipping by ordering during off-peak times of the day. And the Prime Membership adds even more savings and benefits.

Amazon has a lot of information about people who use the online shopping site. It is very likely this information can be accessed by the company to help it improve services.

But don’t despair if you don’t know how to use some of these features – they’re fairly simple to go through.

What Is My Amazon Profile Link In 2022?

You can access your profile by logging into your Amazon account. You will see a page displaying an overview of your Amazon purchases, and you will also see a link in your profile page that will allow you to copy the URL to share your profile with others. You must have an account to shop on Amazon.

But if you want to know exactly what a My Amazon Profile link is and why you might want to have one, you’ll find out here. I’ve looked into everything you need to know to start using one!

What Is A My Amazon Profile Link?

A My Amazon Profile is a page on Amazon that includes information about a customer, their shopping preferences, reviews, and much more.
* All the information you enter for your My Amazon Profile will be linked to your Amazon.com orders.

If you want other people to see your reviews and recommendations on Amazon’s website, then make sure that you post them in the right section.

*A “private” My Account profile may still be publicly accessible. However, if you want to limit who may view your details, you may wish to make your My Account publicly visible.

Lastly, if you can’t use the link because your Amazon Account is private, you can still add information about your buying habits and review the site, and you can even sign up for their “free” Prime account.

How Do You Find Your Amazon Profile Link?

Go to your Amazon account.
Go to the Security and Privacy page.
Click on the Profile link.

After following this process, you will be able to see your Amazon portal. So, simply copy the URL of your Amazon portal from the address bar (at the top of the browser)

Once you have logged in successfully, click on “My Account”. A list of your purchases will be displayed below your name.

You can use your Amazon profile to log into the same Amazon account on multiple devices.

How Do You Create An Amazon Profile?

– Visit Amazon’s website at https://www.amazon.com
– If you’re not already a registered user, click the “Sign Up” button to create a new account
– Fill in your information. Don’t get too fancy. Your name is your username. You don’t really need a password. The email address you provide is what people will use to send you Amazon orders. The password is for your security.

Do You Have To Create An Amazon Profile?

Also known as Amazon Prime, the video-streaming service allows you to stream TV shows, movies and music to your connected device.

If you want to purchase more than a few items through Amazon, you’ll want to go with one of their membership programs.

Prime costs $10 a month, but you can get a free 30-day trial.

I recommend that you see the other items you have created there, as it can be helpful for other purposes. You can also see other items that you may have purchased from Amazon.

What Information Can You See On Your Amazon Account?

If you have an Amazon account, you can see a lot of information by going to your Amazon account. For example, you can see your Amazon profile and information after you create an account.

It is good to have a Amazon profile if you plan on shopping on Amazon from time to time.

What’s The Difference Between Prime Accounts And Amazon Accounts?

Prime members can order anything they want from the Amazon store and get free shipping.

The Amazon.com website also works, but you don’t have to go through a third-party website to complete your purchase.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost?

But you can get a one year sub for $9.99 and can also get a free one year sub if you are a new member for another 30 days.

Additionally, students, people that qualify for government-assistance programs, and many others get a price break on Prime.

To learn more about how to get Amazon payment on your Roku account, you might want to read my posts on what is my Amazon profile, how to use multiple Amazon accounts, and how to create an Amazon account without a phone number.


A My Amazon Profile link is a unique URL that points to a specific Amazon account.

Here is the link for you to find your Amazon profile by locating “Accounts & Lists,” selecting “Your Account,” “Account,” and then finding your “Amazon Profile” in the “Ordering and Shopping Preferences.

You can also tell whoever you share your Amazon profile with that they should purchase from Amazon but that they can only purchase from the site. Finally, you must create a profile or account on Amazon in order to start shopping on the e-commerce platform.

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