Does Tractor Supply Refill Propane Tanks? (all You Need To Know)

Propane tanks are an unglamorous, but very necessary, adjunct to an outdoor lifestyle whether you’re preparing your RV for summer getaways or just making sure the grill is ready.

I’ve found a few different locations that refill propane tanks at the same time as they do groceries. If you’re thinking about getting your propane tank filled at the same place that you do your shopping, we can help you make that decision.

Does Tractor Supply Refill Propane Tanks In 2022?

Refills take place at the store, but customers should have their fuel tanks inspected between refills. All propane tanks need to be inspected once a year. Some propane tanks need to be inspected once a year and not every time they are filled.

For more information on getting propane tank refills at Tractor Supply, check out our review.

Can You Get Propane Tanks Refilled At Tractor Supply?

Yes, you can get your propane tank recharged at Tractor Supply with that, propane tanks are charged by the gallon for the entire tank, so you get and pay for only as much propane as you need.

Furthermore, you can get refills for 100 pounds for tanks for grills, heaters, and RVs.

This is because your car’s fuel tank holds a certain amount of fuel when it is empty and that can always have some leftover. This leftover is called the “vapor” and it is a byproduct of burning fuel and is a combustible liquid. So when your gas tank is empty, you will never be able to use all the vapor you have leftover. So if you are going to buy a gas or use your car, you will only need to put a certain amount of money into it.

This can be extremely frustrating if you’re trying to get to the last few points, or if you need a full tank to do a certain thing.

How Do I Refill My Propane Tank At Tractor Supply?

My customers really like how simple it is to get propane tanks filled at Tractor Supply.

There are two options for this, depending on your store. If your store still offers traditional service, you will have to ask the clerk for help.

Once you have been selected to fill out a tank, you will be invited to grab a cup of iced coffee, and will be greeted by our friendly team members.

In some cases, you need to pay the payment outside, otherwise the member will give you a bill with the amount due for you, and you can pay inside at the checkout.

If you are having to wait for a long time, don’t be afraid to take your hair out and put it in a bun, or even tie it up in a style that you are comfortable with.

Does Tractor Supply Sell Propane Tanks?

Tractor Supply is known for selling propane tanks in stores and online. However, Tractor Supply’s propane tanks are eligible for same-day delivery, curbside pickup, and in-store delivery.

Tractor Supply sells LP tanks in various sizes. Prices will vary, but this list should give you an idea of the price:

Tanks are available in several standard sizes.
The LP gauge will vary in size with the tank size you select.

How Much Does It Cost To Refill A Propane Tank?

When filling your propane tank, you don’t need to pay as much for a propane refill than you do to pay for a new tank.

That’s about how much you’d pay per gallon of gas. At that price, you’d have to fill up your tank twice a month if you want to save anything.

5 Gallons @ $4.50/Gallon, and 16 Gallons @ $3.59/Gallon
The prices noted above are average, and prices will change from store to store.

Now, most customers believe this is a better price than they can get elsewhere.

Not even a few dollars by the gallon is convenient for drivers who only need to top off their tanks.

The website does not specify whether or not it charges a fee when people refill propane tanks.

What Are Some Other Stores That Refill Propane Tanks?

– **** for bulk supplies such as bulk milk.
– **Safeway** for bulk milk.
– **** for bulk supplies such as bulk milk.
– **Albertsons** for bulk milk.

To decide whether it is necessary to fill an empty propane tank, it helps to know that filling a propane tank requires approximately 15 pounds of propane.


It’s great when your home is well equipped with the right supplies.

But, if you plan to buy refills for a long time, it’s worth it to pay a little more for gas.

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