Does Walmart Fill & Exchange Propane Tanks? [price, Types + More!] 

Walmart stores aren’t just for selling products at a reasonable price; they also offer essential services that will keep your items in top condition.

As I walked into my Sam’s Club, I saw a sign that stated they were out of propane tanks and would be until November. I didn’t have time to wait until their propane tanks were available. I found and used a 5-gallon cylinder from Home Depot.

Does Walmart Fill & Exchange Propane Tanks In 2022?

Walmart, a discount retailer of general merchandise that also sells fuel, will not do this before 2022 as Walmart does not have the necessary equipment for this service in the majority of its stores. Walmart is also a retailer of general merchandise and does not have fuel storage tanks of any size or capacity. However, Walmart does exchange empty propane tanks for full ones in many stores at prices that are low compared to other outlets.

Did you know that you can get a free propane tank exchange for your Walmart’s gas powered appliances? This is one of their most popular promotions of the year, and you can start taking advantage of this free service right now by going to

Does Walmart Exchange Propane Tanks? 

Walmart does not have propane refilling stations. This is most common in areas where their stores are located next to gas stations that have refilling stations.

In order to change propane tanks you have to bring your old tank into one of the stores that sells the new tanks.

Due to federal restrictions, you cannot complete a propane tank exchange through the Walmart website. This exchange service is only available online by email.

Please sign the attached paper to initiate the exchange process, thank you for your
interest in our Propane Exchange program.

Duke: The brand of propane tanks sold at Walmart are Duke or a Duke equivalent.

Natural City: Natural City is a brand of propane tanks sold at Walmart. They are equivalent to Duke, but if customers want a longer warranty (5 years), they can get a Natural City propane tank, and exchange it for a longer warranty Duke propane tank.

How Much Does Walmart Charge For Propane Tank Exchange + How Does It Work? 

 It only takes a few minutes to fill your tank, and you can get a little cash while you’re at it!  Just check with the store’s propane tank exchange program, or by calling 800-WALMART.

Once you get your tank and get it filled there is a chance Walmart will fill in the empty part of your tank.

Typically, it usually costs around 5 to 6 dollars a gallon to exchange an empty propane tank. This makes it slightly more expensive than it would be to refill a propane tank.

However, there are more cashier stations from the gas stations across the country, like Walmart, and other convenience stores. These gas stations can make exchanging tanks far more convenient than refilling them.

PLUS, Walmart prides itself on offering its products and services at low prices. As such, they will exchange a five-gallon propane tank for just $14.92. For just $14.92, you can have this five-gallon propane tank for your new car.

If you are looking to buy high quality, affordable Co2 at Walmart, be sure to check out my guide here. It goes into more detail than this quick guide and includes many pros and cons of each cartridge.

How Much Do Propane Tanks Cost At Walmart? 

The only disadvantage to this approach is the amount of money you will need to outlay upfront. You have to budget for the cost of the valve/valve-injector, the fuel line, the pressure regulator, a regulator to ensure it’s pressure is set to the correct level.

If you choose to buy online, you can choose from a wider selection of propane tanks. This is because the Walmart website sells products from third party suppliers as well as the stock it has in-store.

A total of 40 types of propane tanks, that’s 40 different choices, to fill into your propane tank for your grill.

You can also view the inventory of any Walmart store to find out if you can get any of the other propane tanks you need.
You can use Brickseek’s Walmart Inventory Checker to do this.

What Other Stores Fill Propane Tanks? 

Nowadays, we often find several propane tank refill stations in town, such as stations for filling propane tanks at service stations, or at self-service gas stations.

Shell, Valero Energy, and BP have propane tank refilling stations in many shopping malls. The stations allow you to refill your propane tank without having to get out of your car.

As a final note, if you’re traveling in a towable RV, you might want to see our post on whether or not Walmart charges for towing.

I found the article very interesting, but I would like to know more about the “customer reviews” for each company? My experience with Walmart is they don’t have the best customer service and you need to really want to buy from them because of the cost-cutting. On the other hand, I have had the best customer service from Costco and the customer reviews were excellent.


Even though Walmart doesn’t have propane tanks refilled at the store, you can exchange empty tanks at many Walmart locations.

However, you won’t be able to exchange your empty one for a full one at a discounted price anywhere.

Walmart has a great selection of propane tanks.
Even if you already have a gas stove, you can get a propane tank refilled at Walmart.
You won’t need to go to a gas station to buy propane if you have a Walmart card.
The best part is, Walmart also offers great prices on the propane that you buy.

**Note:** This paraphrase is a bit longer. It is presented in a conversational, informal style to help you understand how to write this sentence.

The gas stations that also offer propane tank exchange as well as regular gas will likely charge you more for the service than the gas stations that have only been selling gas. That’s because propane tank exchange can actually save you money in the long run.

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