Does Sam’s Club Exchange Propane Tanks? (full Guide)

A common service offered at Sam’s Club is the ability to place a delivery order and have it sent to the member’s home or work.

Sam’s Club also has gas stations available for their members and there are no membership fees.

If you are at all familiar with Sam’s Club, you’ve likely noticed a small wall of tanks that are for sale inside their stores. While they do have a huge number of tanks, I didn’t find any of them compatible with the size of tanks that we had in either of our tanks. I think that’s just a bad marketing move.

Does Sam’s Club Exchange Propane Tanks In 2022?

If you need to exchange your propane tank, Sam’s Club gas stations will do it for free. A tank exchange can be completed for approximately $14-$18. Some locations may charge a small fee.

You can find out more about the propane tank exchange business at Sam’s Club, a company that exchanges and delivers propane tanks for grills and outdoor patio heaters.

Does Every Sam’s Club Exchange Propane Tanks?

The Sam’s Club locations in the United States do not have gas stations and are connected to the gas company through a propane tank exchange program.

When you bring a gas tank to your local Sam’s Club, you can find out if it is exchangeable at no cost.

Here’s another tip:

Check to see if your preferred gas station is part of a chain store like Sam’s Club or Exxon.

This is the same tip as the previous one, but for gas stations:

Your preferred gas station is part of a chain store like Sam’s Club or Exxon.

You should enter your zipcode and go to Sam’s Club to find propane. Sam’s Club currently has five types of propane tanks: Regular, Super, Ultra, Plus, and Industrial.

And, in addition at some Sam’s Club gas stations, there are self-serve propane exchange stations. AmeriGas makes it easy to exchange propane tanks with their self-serve stations.

If your self-serve propane exchange location is close to a gas station it is usually right outside the gas station.

How Much Is Propane Tank Exchange At Sam’s Club?

The store strives to sell the lowest possible for propane while keeping the cost on the high side for exchanges.

When you go to a propane station, they usually have a $1 charge per gallon, but Sam’s Club is pretty stingy because they charge you a lot more.

You’ll pay a lot more for propane in May than in January.

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Does Sam’s Club Sell Propane Tanks?

Although propane tanks are sold in all Sam’s Club locations, some stores do not exchange propane tanks.

Sam’s Club allows you to refill your tanks at a discounted rate. You can save money, while also helping the environment. For example, the cost of refueling a 10-gallon tank will be somewhere around $12, and you get to refill the whole tank for free!

You can find out if your local Sam’s Club sells propane tanks by using the store’s online locator and entering ‘propane tanks.’ Otherwise, you can call the store and ask them if they sell propane tanks as well.

Does Sam’s Club Refill Propane Tanks?

This was an error in the script. The correct text is: Unfortunately, Sam’s Club does not fill or refill any propane tanks at its stores as they do not have the equipment to do so.

Costco will charge you $50 to refill a 5.7 gallons propane tank.

You Can Also Visit Walmart

I checked with the local Sam’s Club and they do not have the propane tanks you need. You would have to go to a Walmart to exchange the tanks.

Walmart sells propane tanks that are made by the most popular brands in the industry.

If you are not sure about getting a new tank, you can have your tank exchanged at Walmart. The fee to exchange your tank will be around $15. Also, you can buy a new propane tank at Walmart.

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If you have a portable tank, you should be able to get new one from Walmart.

You can purchase a new portable tank in the same store as the first one.

When you shop at Walmart, you can be sure that you are buying propane for grills and other cooking devices. With over 1,000 locations in the United States and Canada, it is the largest retailer of home heating and cooking supplies in North America. Walmart can also be found in Mexico and Canada.

To exchange your old tank for a new one, see our guide on exchanging your propane tank here on getting your propane tank replaced at Walmart.

Where Else Can You Exchange Propane Tanks?

Although it may seem that there are a lot of propane and LPG exchange and delivery options, there are a number of propane delivery services as well.

You can get propane tanks delivered to your home from a local propane company or any of the hundreds of propane tank exchange in our network.

At Forklift Propane Exchange, you can purchase and pay for your propane tank exchanges in full or in parts, with each tank costing $22.

You can learn more by reading about Dollar General’s gas exchange program.


Depending on where you live, Sam’s Club may be able to exchange the tanks even at a higher price.

There are a variety of options for converting traditional gas to propane. One option is a propane conversion kit (also known as a propane conversion device, gas regulator, gas regulator, gas converter, or simply a regulator) that attaches to a gas supply and converts the gas to propane.

To find out if your local Sam’s Club store will fill your hot water tank, you can either call them, or if you’re really lucky, you could use the store locator on their website.

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