Meijer Propane Exchange (do They Have One + Alternative Stores)

You can purchase a refilling kit with propane tanks at your local hardware store. It’s a good idea to purchase a kit with 1-2 tanks, and store them in your garage.

Meijer is a large grocery store chain with more than 270 locations across the country.
They have a variety of locations across the state, including this location on N. Main Street in Traverse City. You can find the address on their website.

Does Meijer Do Propane Exchanges In 2022?

If you are an American or Canadian resident, you may buy propane from any of its numerous retailers, such as Ace Hardware, Wal-Mart, Meijer, or Sam’s Club. However, if you are an international resident, it’s better to buy your propane from one of its listed retailers. You can find the list at the American Propane Association (APA).

So we’ve talked a little bit about where and how to fill up your propane tanks. We’ve even talked about the cost of propane. So now we want to talk about the companies that sell propane and the cost of getting propane.

Can I Exchange My Propane Tank at Meijer?

The Coleman Propane Tank is currently on sale at Meijer, but you have a couple of options if you need to exchange it.

I just bought a Coleman Propane Tank. I think it is safe and convenient to carry on a camping trip.

Where Else Can I Do a Propane Exchange Apart From Meijer?

I don’t think there are any Meijer stores in Michigan, but you can probably buy propane at Meijer stores in Indiana and Ohio.

Amerigas provides a propane locator for you to find the closest gas station and exchange.

By tapping on a gas station on your map, you can see where the closest available gas stations are.

How Much Does It Cost to Do a Propane Exchange at Meijer?

Meijer does not do propane tank exchanges. There was no record of Meijer ever having an exchange program. See our answer below.

These prices change with the location. They also change based on whether you bought the item on

When you pay extra for your propane, you buy more propane gas than you really need. So you are spending more money than you need to get the benefits that you want.

The Coleman Propane Tank 2 pack is priced at $10.79 and the Coleman Propane Fuel Tank is priced at $5.49.

How Can I Do a Propane Exchange at Meijer?

You will need to exchange your empty propane tank at a propane dealer.

Empty cylinder can be disposed of at the recycling center. Please call in advance if you want to return a used cylinder.

Tell the associate which associate you would like to have dispose of your tank, and they will guide you accordingly.

Meijer does offer delivery and pickup services, but they are not explicitly designated for propane tanks.

I called the local fire department they said I’d have to buy a tank first.

Will Meijer Deliver My Propane Exchange to My House?

Meijer, as well as many other stores, are restricting home delivery on propane because of legal age restrictions.

It will take time for you to deliver the tank depending on your delivery location, and whether you place an order during the business hours.

Ordering a delivery is easy. You will receive a delivery window of when they will be able to provide delivery, and you will be able to pick it up at the time and location you specify.

Additionally, you can get home delivery or pickup for your propane exchange from the other suppliers as well.
If they are closed, they will give you another date, for me, I ask if they are closed on Sunday, they don’t give me a date, but they usually give me the closest day they are closed, so they might close on Saturday, and they open up on Monday.

When Can I Come in to Do My Propane Exchange at Meijer?

You cannot use the internet at Meijer, but the staff will happily show you how to use the kiosks.

Meijer has many different locations for their stores which make it convenient to be able to buy all your products in one place.

You can order online and pick up the ordered items at the store within its own hours during which pickup or delivery will be available.

What Are the Propane Brands I Can Exchange at Meijer?

The only propane brand listed as being available at Meijer is the Coleman, which has an exchange program and is not to buy but only to exchange. There is also a BP propane, but it is not to exchange, it is to purchase.

Is Propane More Affordable at Meijer?

It is usually at least $4 a cylinder at local suppliers. There’s a few places you can even get a cylinder for $2.93. The lowest prices are at big box home improvement stores.

Well, the price of buying a two-pack of the same size is actually more than buying the exchangeable cylinder. If you find the same size cylinder at another store, it should always cost less per ounce than a Meijer two-pack.

Meijer’s prices are higher than the average, but they are not as high as the highest, and not as low as the lowest.

Some people are confused about whether or not Tractor Supply refills propane tanks. Ace Hardware fills & exchanges propane tanks, and Lowe’s fills propane tanks.


The retail market for propane has been very different because of the number of retailers that have opened. It has been a big challenge for any retailer that wanted to open up a propane store because they were competing with the big ones that are the main retail outlets for propane.

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