Does 711 Do Propane Exchanges? (all You Need To Know)

You can find propane pretty much anywhere. However, you may be wondering if there are certain places to buy it that cost more than others.

There are a lot of convenience stores and gas stations that will allow you to take your own propane tanks home, and you can exchange them for gas. However, 711 does not allow you to do this.

Does 711 Do Propane Exchanges In 2022?

Since the 711 is just another fuel station, there will be some gas stations who will offer propane exchanges. This means that the 711 in your area may be able to exchange your current propane tank for a new one or if not, they will offer to send a refill to you.

To find out more about propane exchanges and costs, check below!

What is A Propane Exchange?

The convenience store 711 is partnering with the propane exchange to help people find propane.

Many times the propane tank exchange actually runs the stores, while the “store” is merely providing them with a physical location to conduct business.

The gas will then be delivered to your local 711’s partner who will fill your cylinder and then you can enjoy the convenience of top-off delivery.

We can also sell your propane tank to a propane company as a propane tank replacement.

If they’re not able to purchase propane, they’ll often just pull up to a station, use the hose to fill up their tank themselves.

Using its site finder tool you can find out if your location participates in the AmeriGas propane exchange program.

How Much Does It Cost to Exchange a Tank of Propane at 711?

7 Eleven stores are all run by the same company, so the prices are exactly the same everywhere.

Stores will not cost the same from area to area, as their costs will be determined by the size of its neighborhood.

While gasoline is cheaper to buy locally than over the counter, refilling a tank is usually cheaper if you are not planning on returning to a location frequently.

With the gas prices going down, refilling your tank is a more affordable option than purchasing a new one.

Not a big problem for the most part, but it can be if you’re not careful where you purchase the items from.

It’s also a good idea to call and check the availability of some of the most important courses you want to take.

Where’s the Cheapest Place to do a Propane Exchange?

It can be difficult to say which is the cheapest way to get Propane everywhere because it depends on the place.

Prices are different from place to place, so if you ask your fellow travellers, they’ll tell you where the cheapest places are.

The reason is that tanks can be refilled in the shop. This is a very large and obvious difference, and it is just as expensive to transfer your entire tank as it is to fill it. You do still need to pay a fee to get the tank refilled, but it is typically cheaper than buying a new tank.


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How Much Does It Cost to Fill a 20lb Propane Tank?

You can usually find the price in the store. It depends on location, you’ll see prices per liter and prices per kilometre depending on what you need.

As you have said, you will have to buy this type of fuel. It will be very expensive which will cost you about $20 to refill a tank.

The thing is, it costs the same to empty (or fill) a tank as to refill it.

You can also read our blog posts to figure out what brands of propane are safe for your tank to avoid a dangerous propane leak.


They do offer a propane exchange through a third-party vendor, but don’t refill tanks directly which typically costs less than a full tank from the convenience stores.

Each 711 location is independently owned and operated. This allows for the prices to vary quite a bit, so we recommend calling ahead for specific pricing and services available.

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