Does Dollar General Have Propane Tank Exchange? [guide] 

You can find the best prices on a wide selection of items at Dollar General, so it’s a great place to start on your shopping trip. In addition, Dollar General also offers a unique service to help you out: a propane tank exchange.

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Does Dollar General Have Propane Tank Exchange?

Yes, the Dollar General stores have propane tank exchange and they have the cost for exchanging tanks. The gas exchange cost at Dollar General is $5-$6 a gallon. You can also buy new propane tanks at Dollar General physical stores.

Wondering how to exchange a Dollar General Propane tank with a new one? Keep reading to find out!

How Does Dollar General Propane Tank Exchange Work?

All you need to do is bring an empty propane tank to the Dollar General store and pay a small fee for the exchange. However, if the store is not stocked with propane, you will have to purchase one.

However, it may cost you about $5-6 per gallon to fill up the tank. Typically though, it will cost you around $20-$25 for a full 20lb propane tank.

If you can’t find propane near you, you can always sign up for a free account on the AmeriGas propane website.

Type your ZIP code in below to find out if Dollar General can help you exchange propane tanks.

Does Dollar General Sell Propane Tanks?

If you need to purchase a new propane tank for your propane cooking grill,
you can find these at Dollar General stores in the area which have a Dollar General store. The price varies depending on which store you choose.

You cannot buy a propane tank on the Dollar General website. This is because, due to federal regulations, propane tanks cannot be sent through standard mail.

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When you are checking out of a Dollar General store, you may be able to exchange your used propane tank. This is the exchange program that AmeriGas offers with this retailer.

You can get a propane tank from Dollar General for approximately 7.99. The price will vary from store to store, and it will also increase if you go to a different Dollar General.

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