Can You Have Multiple Amazon Accounts? (your Full Guide)

I think many people wonder if they can set up multiple accounts on That is something that I do not know the answer for.

What are the differences between the accounts of Amazon sellers? The reason why we bring that up is because, there are a lot of sellers who are confused about what they need to do to set up a brand new Amazon account.

Can You Have Multiple Amazon Accounts In 2022?

1. Make sure all the accounts are tied to a single Amazon business.
2. Have a unique email address for each account.
3. Register your company in Amazon Seller Central and provide proof of tax identification with an address matching that of your Amazon seller account.

To read up on your rights, what you can do to protect your privacy and what to do if someone is trying to access your information,
keep reading!

How Many Buyer Accounts Can You Have with Amazon?

After creating a seller account, you will need to add an Amazon account to be able to receive payments for your products. You will also need to create an Amazon Seller Central account to manage your products and the payments associated with them.

You can remove all payments from an account by clicking on the payment method settings in the upper left corner and selecting the “Remove” button.

As Amazon does not allow customers to use the same payment method for multiple accounts, a person may want to have a different email address for each Amazon account.

How Does Amazon Know If You Have Multiple Accounts? 

Amazon can tell what type of device people are using and what type of payment they use. They can also tell what region the customer is from.

This might be to do with the fact that Amazon employees visit the facility, but there is no further indication or explanation given why this is done.

You can’t charge the same debit card as the other person. You have to provide a new payment method for each account so that Amazon knows that you’re the only one using it.

Secondly, Amazon might sue you if you’re believed to have created multiple accounts for fraud.

If you’re found to have multiple Amazon accounts and you’re using all of your accounts for fraud, your accounts will be put down permanently.

Can I Use the Same Debit Card on My Two Amazon Accounts? 

Using the same card for multiple purchases is great because it means you don’t have to remember to add the card to all of your accounts.

What If I Use the Same Login Information for Multiple Amazon Accounts? 

The same email address should only be used for a single Amazon account since it can be used in so many places for Amazon.

Amazon does not allow a single customer to use a same password for multiple accounts.

If you used the same password for multiple Amazon accounts, you’ll need to update it for each account separately.

Can I Share Amazon Prime with a Different Address? 

You can download your Amazon Prime Videos and Amazon Prime Music on your smartphone, tablet or computer and then stream them to your TV.

Is It Possible to Transfer My Amazon Prime Membership?

It is not possible to transfer your Amazon Prime account to another person. In your household, one other adult can sign up for free and share your Amazon Prime account with you.

In addition, you can share select programs with up to four teens and four child profiles in your home. For more information about sharing Amazon Prime, click here.

How Can Shoppers Link Amazon Accounts?

Amazon shopper can make use of their own personal Amazon account to purchase different items.

Add the Amazon account you want to save information to and then follow the steps.

Can You Have More Than One Seller Account on Amazon?

You cannot have more than one seller account, however you can list items from multiple accounts as long as your listings have different sellers.

However, each seller will have to click ‘Add new account’ and then ‘Add another payment to this account’ for each account.

Can Spouses Have Separate Seller Accounts?

The accounts must be connected to the same account used to make the purchase and the same email address used for the purchase.

If a couple or family wants to use a single payment method, they can either add it to a joint account or set up a family payment profile.

What Are the Pros of Having Multiple Seller Accounts on Amazon?

What Are the Cons of Having Multiple Seller Accounts on Amazon?

Each seller account typically has a different product listing, and your own listings can be seen by a different audience
Each account is a separate business and may require different accounting and record keeping practices
Each account has a different set of policies and procedures which you need to abide by, and you may be liable to different guidelines and laws when selling on Amazon.

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To sell things, you must be a Seller on Amazon. Sellers get a separate email address for their account. The seller must be verified and have items ready for sale before he or she can set prices.

Amazon may cut your access if the website thinks you’re a bad actor who’s trying to defraud the site. Additionally, Amazon may cut your access if the site believes you have accounts set up to defraud the site.

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