What Is An Amazon Prime Video Pin? (your Full Guide)

When you sign up for Prime Video, if you haven’t already done so, you’re required to confirm your account by entering your Prime Video username and a PIN of at least 6 characters. It’s a great idea to use a complex PIN to prevent anyone from accidentally logging into your account.

 If you haven’t done it before, you probably have some questions, for example, how do you set up an Amazon Prime Video PIN? And what’s the purpose? I’ve done all the research on the matter, and here’s everything I found out!

What Is An Amazon Prime Video PIN In 2022?

We are continuing to bring Prime Video to more devices. In this case, we are offering the same PIN for Prime Video, whether viewing on a Prime Video app-enabled device, Roku player, or other platforms.

I’ve got an important update for Prime Video PINs, so if you want to know more about the topic, please head to the full guide.

Do I Need A Prime Video PIN?

While everyone can set a PIN on their Prime Video account, this won’t do much to protect your account if you live in an area where a lot of people and/or other hackers have access to PIN numbers.

There can be problems if multiple users are on a single account. For instance, if one user is playing a game, and another is just in an IM conversation and they each make purchases, the user won’t get a new code.

Kids can’t get to the PIN screen without you, so you’ll always know just how much time they’ve spent on their screens and whether they’re following the rules.

How Do I Set A Prime Video PIN?

To set up your Prime Video PIN, you need to go on your Prime Video app, then open the menu and select Settings.

Click Prime, and then click Device in the top-left corner.
Click Set Up PIN from the menu.
Click Next.
Enter your email address and select an option for your PIN.
Select a PIN option.
Enter the PIN into the PIN box.
Click Next.
A message will appear in the top-right corner providing your PIN and other details, follow the message to continue.

1. Open the Prime Video app.
2. Tap the plus icon (top right).
3. Tap “Create PIN.”
4. Tap OK to set up your PIN.

– If your Amazon account is linked to more than one device, the settings are applied to all devices with the same Prime Video account.

As mentioned above, this includes browsers, mobile devices, Roku, and smart TVs with Prime Video.

However, the changes won’t be applied to devices with separate Parental Control settings. Instead, you’ll need to modify your preferences separately on each device.

iphone, iPod touch, iPad, Android phone and tablet devices, Windows Phone, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PlayStation Vita.

Where Do I Find My Amazon Prime Video PIN?

Prime Video was launched in over 190 countries, which means you can access it in all of them.

It’s in the Parental Controls page. If you have your mobile device, you’ll find it through the “Settings” menu.

Once you’ve pressed the red button, you will then unlock the Prime Video app and it will begin downloading your subscription video.

You can also change the PIN to the same number you use to control your Prime Video and/or Prime Music accounts.

You can also use separate, different PINs for Prime Video and Prime Music accounts.

Can You Put A PIN On A Prime Video Profile?

At the moment, it is not possible to restrict a profile to a specific child/adolescent. This means that children/adolescents can still access the profile if their parents allow them to.

Since Netflix does not censor their kids’ programming, they are at risk of allowing them to learn about sex, drugs, and violence that may not be appropriate for them.

How Do I Reset My Amazon Prime Video PIN?

If you forgot your Amazon Prime Video PIN and need to cancel it, don’t worry! Amazon makes it easy to change it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to know your Amazon password to set a new PIN. You just need to know your Amazon account.

With that, you can log in to Prime Video and change your PIN if you need to. And any new PIN changes you make will apply to your other devices.

How Do I Turn Off A Prime Video PIN?

To disable Parental Controls, click the button next to the Parental Controls bar and uncheck the boxes next to all of the categories that you want to allow.

While the restrictions are there, the default setting for the highest maturity rating is 15+, so you’ll probably be fine without selecting 18+.

Now that the restrictions are removed, you can start watching your favourite movies and shows again.

What Do I Do If My Prime Video PIN Is Not Working?

The error code you are seeing might be caused by an error in your PIN, try entering your PIN again.

If you want to keep your account private and private data secure, you will need to update your phone’s PIN and screen lock.

And you need to keep your device set to that PIN to watch Prime Video.

So, if you changed your PIN for one device but not all, go to your settings and make sure that Parental Controls are on for all devices.

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A Netflix password or a Prime Video PIN is a great way to keep your kids (and your wallet) safe while enjoying thousands of quality shows and movies.

When you use Amazon Payments, they make it easy to get started.

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