Is Paramount+ Free With Amazon Prime? (all You Need To Know)

However, if you are new to Prime you probably aren’t aware of all of the benefits, or maybe you haven’t been considering them all. Read our list of the reasons why you should be a Prime member to find out what you’re missing.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you might be asking, “Does Paramount+ come with my subscription fee?” It is a good question, so I looked deeper into it. Here’s everything I found out about the matter!

Is Paramount+ Free With Amazon Prime In 2022?

As of 2022, you will be able to find Paramount+, a separate streaming service that will be available to new Amazon Prime members. You can add the channel to your Prime Video account and will receive your bills through Amazon.

To sign up for Paramount+ streaming service, Click here.

It’s the best way to stream all your favorite movies, with new releases every month.

If you love movies, subscribe to the streaming service and get everything for FREE!

Is Paramount+ Free With Amazon Prime?

However, a subscriber of Prime can use it with a complimentary streaming service called VUDU.

You can also subscribe without the monthly or annual payment and use it for free.

Can You Download Paramount+ On Prime Video?

When you get a Premier subscription, you can sign up for the Amazon Prime Video channel and stream the Paramount+ channel for free.

In addition, you can watch Paramount+ on the streaming service’s web site or the mobile app.

What Is Paramount+?

Paramount+ is the successor to the service formerly known as CBS All Access. It offers more content than CBS All Access was offering.

That’s similar to the description of Netflix in comparison with Amazon Prime, Sky Atlantic, and Disney+.

Is Paramount+ Different From CBS All Access?

Paramount+ is different from CBS All Access in that there are more shows (including Star Trek shows and films) available to stream.

In 2017, CBS Corporation and Viacom agreed to create a new subsidiary called CBS All Access which would give Viacom some ownership in the company. The company launched in August 2017 as part of the CBS All Access streaming service.

How Do You Add The Paramount+ Channel On Prime Video?

Prime Video is a brand name for Amazon Video. If you want to use Amazon Video, you can sign up with a Prime membership using the same steps.

1. Go to Settings -> Prime Video -> Download
2. Log in to your Prime Video account on your Apple TV, Roku, or other streaming device
3. Click More > Add Channel and then enter the channel name and the URL.

In the Amazon Prime app, navigate to Prime Video > Your Content Library > All
Tap Add, then choose Paramount+ on the Add Content Screen.

How Much Does Paramount+ Cost? 

Paramount+ offers you the ability to watch all of your favorite movies in the theater. Its plans include a monthly or yearly membership, and they are also available at IMAX and D-Boxx theaters.

You can view all CBS News episodes at CBS All Access, and you also get a CBS Local affiliate, which comes with local news and weather.

The price of these new premium cable TV plans starts at $9.99 a month, but depending on your current TV provider, you may be able to get them for free with a promotional offer.

Paramount+ is the subscription service that can be used in addition to your Netflix account for a variety of content. Although Paramount+ isn’t free, try it for seven days to see if you like it.

What Shows Are On Paramount+?

You can download the app and use it on both your computer and mobile device. The app contains a library of classic and contemporary films including titles like Star Trek: The Original Series; The Godfather; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; Psycho and The Shining. The app is available for Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows, and Xbox. You can also access the library using a web browser, though you won’t be able to take advantage of the app’s advanced search tools like the option to search by actor, director, title, or genre.

Is There A Paramout+ Mobile App?

That’s right, Paramount+ is available as an app for iOS and Android devices, so you can watch all of your content on the go, when you’re near a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Where Can You Download The Paramount+ App?

And you can download your Paramount+ videos on the web at Amazon Video (Prime members), or on the web at Amazon Video without a subscription, or on other devices (Amazon Fire, Roku, Android, iOS, smart TVs, and Android TV).

Also, you have the option to stream content on the website, if you’d like.

When Did Paramount+ Come Out?

The new network will offer programming from Paramount Pictures, CBS Corporation, CBS Television Studios, DreamWorks Pictures, along with others.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Video Cost?

I don’t want to pay for Prime Video, so I’m gonna get Amazon Prime for free and pay for Prime Video later.

This said, Amazon Prime membership is $14.99 a month or $139 a year. Usually, Amazon offers a free trial period to try out the service.

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Oh yeah, Amazon Prime does have a lot of perks, but we were already paying for it anyways.

However, you can have Prime Video if you want to have the original version of the content.

On the top-end option, you’ll get up to four 4K HDR streams, while the lower end will give you only two.

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