Can You Get Hbo Go With Amazon Prime? (No, But….)

Amazon Prime is the leading provider of market streaming subscriptions. You can subscribe to the service to access thousands of titles online.

Amazon Prime members can access content from many channels through Amazon Prime. Each channel has a monthly fee that is higher than the annual Amazon Prime membership fee.

Amazon Prime Video allows you to access HBO, one of the channels. Subscribing HBO gives you access to HBO shows, programs, and movies on-demand. This agreement was between HBO and Amazon Prime, which was terminated recently by Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime members can no longer access HBO via the Prime Video Channels services. HBO Max will be the only app that allows subscribers to stream their favorite content from Amazon Prime.

This article will provide more information on how to get HBO GO and Amazon Prime.

Is HBO Go available with Amazon Prime?

HBO Go is no more available on Amazon Prime Video Channels. Amazon and HBO-owner reached an agreement to bring HBO Max to Amazon Fire TVs six months after the original launch of the streaming service. Amazon Prime Video Channels allows subscribers to pay a monthly subscription to specific streaming channels to be able to watch them on Amazon.

WarnerMedia, the owner of HBO wants to increase its subscriber base for HBO Max. They have removed HBO from certain platforms in order to allow users to access the standard HBO channel online.

The move resulted in an estimated 5 million loss of HBO subscribers. The media company argued that the loss was temporary and will allow the company to gain more clients.

Is HBO Go On Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime members used to be able to access HBO via the Prime video channel service. However, this is no longer true. After an agreement between Amazon and the HBO Owner, Amazon Prime removed HBO.

Subscriptions received via the Prime Video Channels will be cancelled. Subscribers with outstanding subscriptions will still receive their subscription. To make way for HBO Max, the streaming service dedicated to the content of the channel, HBO will be withdrawn from Prime Video Channels.

The company wanted to connect directly with customers without intermediaries by removing HBO from Amazon Prime.

Why is HBO no longer available on Amazon Prime?

WarnerMedia removed HBO from Amazon in order to direct clients to HBO Max, which is available on Prime. They wanted HBO Max to be their streaming app and the primary source of movies and shows without Amazon as an intermediary.

This means HBO Max will be the primary entry point for streaming content users who want to use their media company’s content.

HBO subscribers can access its content elsewhere.

Before they ended their HBO subscription, Amazon had informed its subscribers. Subscribers had previously paid $ 15 per month to access HBO.

All subscriptions were cancelled by Amazon and users received a refund according to their billing cycle. You can still access your favorite shows via HBO Max, despite the cancellation of the HBO Subscription through Amazon.

HBO Max will be available for download as a standalone application on Amazon Fire Tv devices. HBO Max is free for all subscribers who purchased HBO.

How many people can watch HBO Max simultaneously?

Perhaps you are wondering if your HBO Max can be shared with your family. HBO Max can be connected to multiple devices. Multiple programs can be viewed simultaneously, which makes it easy for you, your family and roommates. HBO Max allows you to create up five profiles for your children and adult family members under one account.

How to Start Streaming HBO Max

These steps will enable you to activate HBO Max Access.

Does HBO Max Limit Devices?

HBO Max doesn’t limit the number or devices that can be used with your account. There are limits on the simultaneous streams that can each be used. HBO Max can be viewed on up to 3 devices simultaneously.

If you try to add another device, the service will alert you that you have too many streaming devices. Follow these steps if you want to stream HBO Max on a large number of devices.

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HBO was initially only available through Amazon Prime. This intermediary acted between WarnerMedia and its clients.

The media company decided to take HBO Max off Amazon.

The company wanted HBO Max to be the primary service for subscribers, which included movies and shows. All clients now have direct access to the service provider for billing and inquiries as well as getting feedback.

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