Is Netflix Free With Amazon Prime? (Everything To Know)

Amazon Prime members get many benefits that enhance the user experience and allow them to do more than just purchase items.

Some features include free shipping and music streaming, but many people wonder if the membership includes streaming services such as Netflix.

You are one of these people? Then you’ll find out all you need to know. Let’s see what happens!

Netflix Free with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime members do not get Netflix for free. Amazon Prime members have access to Amazon Prime Video, a rival streaming service that offers over 24,000 movies and more than 2,100 shows.

Amazon Prime memberships can be used to get streaming services that rival Netflix in quality. You can read more about it here.

Is Amazon Prime a streaming service?

Amazon Prime members have instant access to Amazon Prime Video. But how does this compare to Netflix?

Amazon Prime Video, a streaming service that is very similar to Netflix and will be included in your Prime membership free of charge. Its library includes a wide range of series and movies, making it a highly recommended streaming service.

You can also watch exclusive movies and shows with Amazon Prime Video.

If you’re looking for Netflix, then you might be asking how Amazon’s streaming service compares to Netflix.

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix

First, they both offer streaming services that allow you to watch TV shows and movies. But the biggest difference is that Amazon Prime Video is part of a larger package of services that comes with your Amazon Prime membership.

Netflix is a standalone streaming service. Let’s look at the details of each so you can make a decision. Also, keep in mind that Amazon Prime Video can be accessed without you being an Amazon Prime member.

Price differences

Although the price difference isn’t that significant, it could still be a deciding factor. Let’s look at the subscription plans.

Netflix offers three levels of Netflix: the Basic is $9 per month; the Standard is $14 per month; and the Premium is $18 per month.

This is a great deal, even without comparing it to other plans. The Basic plan gives you access to all Netflix content on one device. Standard allows you to stream from two devices and has 1080p resolution. Premium allows you four devices with 4K resolution.

Amazon Prime is slightly more complicated since there are only one option. You will need to choose if you want Amazon Prime for $119 per year or $13 per month or just Amazon Prime Video for $9 per month.

Amazon Prime Video can be viewed at 4K resolution on three devices, but only two at a time. Still, it’s $9.

Comparing the two, Amazon wins.


This is a huge decision.

If you’re curious about how many TV shows and movies Amazon Prime Video has, it would be the clear winner. However, many of these movies are old or less-known so not everyone will be interested in what Amazon has to show them.

Netflix, on the other side, has originals that are successful, but it also has a better catalog overall which will appeal to broader audiences.

Netflix may have a better selection, but both sites offer amazing exclusives that are worth looking into.

What is the best way to get Netflix for free?

You can enjoy Netflix free if you share a subscription with a friend or family member. Some plans allow you to use the service on multiple devices simultaneously.

Another option is to look for a cell phone or cable company that offers a free account along with your purchase.

T-Mobile is a great choice for this. Click here to find out more about one of these offers.

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You won’t be able to get a Netflix subscription for free with your Amazon Prime membership. However, you might be interested in the benefits that come with a membership that includes Amazon Prime Video.

You can still subscribe to Netflix, but it is cheaper to share your Netflix account with friends.

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