Does Cvs Develop Film? (Price, Types, & More!)

Every corner seems to have a CVS. Even though everything is digital, it’s nice to have film developed occasionally.


Is CVS able to develop film?

CVS Pharmacies can still process your film. You can still take your film to CVS pharmacies for development, regardless of what type you have.

This article will discuss CVS pharmacies as well as their associated film development services. It will show you where they are located, what they do, how they work, and what they cost.

Are All CVS Stores able to produce film?

If they have an in-store photo center, all CVS stores can develop your film. Your order will be processed in 7-10 business days. Each store will charge $12 for 12 exposures.

You should remember that not all CVS locations have the same facilities. The services offered by CVS stores that have photo centres are not all the same. It’s best to call your local pharmacy or the pharmacy you plan to visit and inquire about the services they provide.

However, the majority of CVS stores will:

  • Make a film
  • Print from Film
  • Print from digital
  • Not return negatives
  • We do not offer high-resolution scans

What Does it Cost to Develop Film at CVS?

For 12 exposures, the cost of CVS film development runs about $12. For individual pricing or information on the costs of other services, you can visit the CVS website. CVS offers regular discounts and offers for photo processing. Members of pharmacy programs may also be eligible for different pricing.

The following is a broad price indication for 35mm color/black or white prints:

Double prints: 36 exposures at $21.99

Double prints: 36 exposures at $21.99

Double prints: 36 exposures at $21.99

Double prints: 36 exposures at $21.99

CVS will process your color 35mm film in 7-10 days. However, for black and white films, it may take up to 2 – 3 weeks. CVS will not return negatives.

How do you get film developed at CVS?

Simply bring your film to CVS and ask for a development envelope.

Complete the order form section of the envelope. The order form will ask you to specify the type of film you have and how many prints you would like. Seal the envelope with a seal and place your roll of film inside.

You should only use one envelope for each item. You will need one envelope for each item if you have multiple rolls of film. Each envelope must be clearly filled.


CVS does NOT offer online film development. You can only access photo editing services in-store.

What is the cost to develop film from a disposable camera?

CVS appears to be one of three major retailers that support film development for disposable cameras.

The disposable cameras can be dropped off in-store by customers using the same procedure as for rolls of film. The disposable cameras are placed in film development envelopes. All necessary information are added to the envelope.

These envelopes will then be sent to a Fujifilm processing center. Your digital images, but not your film, will be returned to the sender.


CVS pharmacies still sell disposable cameras (Fujifilm cameras sealed in plastic bags). These cameras cost based on the type you choose.

Does CVS Sell 35mm Film?

CVS pharmacies offer a variety of 35mm film products. You can purchase these products in-store or online. All prices are also available online. The following CVS camera film products are currently available:

  • Fujifilm 400 ISO 108 Exposure Quicksnap Marine Plus 3 Film
  • Fujifilm Instant Film, Mini, 2 Pack
  • FujiFilm Instax Mini Rainbow Movie
  • Also, the Fujifilm Camera, One Time Use, Waterproof, 27 Exposures

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Nearly all CVS pharmacies have film processing booths in their stores. These offer customers convenient and efficient photo-developing services.

Although most chain pharmacies offer similar services to their customers, CVS photo services are superior.

Consumers should be aware that they won’t receive their negatives back. There may also be a wait for prints, depending on which type of film you use and what kind of prints you need.

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