Does Costco Take Passport Photos? (do This Instead)

Costco members in the US and Canada can get discounted travel reservations through Costco Travel, from flights to cruises to hotels.

Members can go to a Costco store to have their photos taken. Costco charges a fee for the service.

Does Costco Take Passport Photos In 2022?

Costco stopped offering passport photos in-store in all stores throughout the United States on February 14, 2021 due to a decline in demand. Other stores like Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, and Target still offer passport photo service.

So, according to the company, their decision to discontinue photo services and passports came as a result of an ongoing effort to provide the best customer service experience possible within Costco. So why did they make such a decision? Read on to find out everything you need to know!

Why Did Costco Discontinue Its Passport Printing Service?

The Costco passport photo printing service has been closed down in all Costco stores because of the Coronavirus.

They blamed their problems on the rise of smart phone cameras and social media, the use of which prompted shoppers to take a lot of photos and post them online. They decided to stop issuing new licenses altogether.

But it was more than just the taking and printing of passport photos in Costco’s stores.

I don’t have any idea about this, but in theory, the company that handles the image processing at in-store photo centers may be affected by this change.

1) Prints – Costco prints and ships most of the photo items, and it’s one of the only places where you can upload your photos and have them printed.

You could have gotten the same photo editing service at Walgreens if you purchased the professional photo editing subscription plan.

It was also revealed that the store in the shopping center would also be closing in the next few months as well.

What Stores Take Passport Photos?

If you need photos for your passport or for other official purposes it is possible to find a variety of convenient locations you can go to.

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What Other Photo Services Has Costco Discontinued?

Costco will stop taking and printing passport photos in all locations from February, 2021. The service is available in all locations until that date.

You can still print photos with Costco Photo Center, but it does not have some of the features of the photo kiosks. Some of these services include the ability to print pictures of birthdays, graduations, special events, and other special occasions.

It only took a day before the Chinese opened the first e-commerce store specializing in importing products from the US to Chinese citizens.


The company that prints Costco members passports no longer has the space in the warehouse to store passport printing materials and staff, making it difficult if not impossible for Costco to print passport photos. is now selling a new passport application kit that does not contain a digital version of your passport photo. It’s still available for purchase.
If you need a new passport application, you can find one at any of the other stores listed on, including Target.

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