Does Cvs Take Passport Photos? (Everything To Know!)

It can be expensive and time-consuming to have your passport photo taken. Good news! The good news?

Many retail stores, including CVS offer passport photo services at a very reasonable price and speed. If you’re curious about whether CVS can take passport pictures, continue reading to learn more.

Is CVS allowed to take passport photos?

Yes, CVS takes passport photos. CVS now takes passport photos at certain pharmacy locations. The images are captured using the KODAK Biometric System in-store. Prints cost $14.99, with an additional $2.99 for 2 more photos.

The wait time for most cases is between five and ten minutes. Continue reading to find out more about costs, waiting times, quality of CVS photos, and other details.

What is the Cost of Passport Photos at CVS

CVS now charges $14.99 per passport photo. Customers can purchase two additional photos for an additional $2.99

It is a good idea to look online for discounts or deals on passport photos. CVS often has many deals running on their photo laboratory services. CVS currently offers a 3% discount for all passport and ID photos purchased using the CVS ExtraCare Card.

How To Print Passport Photos At CVS


It is important to remember that taking a passport picture in an unprofessional setting can be difficult. If you’re not sure about the requirements, it is a good idea to consult a professional.

What is the average time it takes to take passport pictures at CVS?

The CVS photo technicians will take your passport photos and edit them, finalize them, print them, and then hand them to you.

If everything goes according to plan, it will only take you a few seconds from start-to finish.

You don’t need to make an appointment in advance and there is no waiting list at the photography boot.

Are All CVS Stores able to take passport photos?

This is the correct answer. CVS offers passport photo services only in certain pharmacy locations that have an in-store Photo Center.

It is also advisable to call before going to CVS to take your passport photo to avoid any inconveniences.

To locate a CVS near you, you can always use our CVS store locator.

What are the steps to take when taking passport photos at CVS?

When it comes to getting your passport photo taken at CVS, there are no requirements.

It is recommended that you bring your CVS membership cards, such as an ExtraCare card or a CVS membership card, with you. You can then take advantage of any discounts or specials that are made available to cardholders.

There are also many other things you should consider during your visit.

  • Passport photos cannot be taken in uniforms. Photos with uniform-like or camouflage prints may be rejected.
  • Except for religious or medical reasons, head coverings cannot be restricted. You will need to sign a statement or medical report attesting your religious practices.
  • Before taking your picture, you will need to take off your glasses and any other accessories.

What Can You Expect from A CVS Passport Photo Service

After you have arrived at your CVS, you will need to visit the photo center to request a passport photograph.

If there is no one at the desk, it might be worth going to the front registers to inform the person who sees you that you need assistance at the photo desk. Once you have done that, the front desk staff will contact a technician to meet you at the photo center.

The photo technician will ask you to pose in front of a neutral background to take your picture. They will ask that you keep your face neutral before the photo is taken. You can’t smile as brightly as you like for the photo, but it is not allowed.

After you have taken your photo, the technician will upload it to a computer using a special program. This program ensures that it conforms to all regulations and standards for passport photos. The technician can edit or request a retake to ensure that your photo meets all requirements.

The technician will then print two copies of your photograph. If your passport holder is not available, the technician will print two copies of your photo. You can pay at the photo center, or you can present your passport photos to the register after you have completed any other shopping.

How can CVS help you save money on your passport photo?

CVS is reasonably priced for professional passport photo services. Two photos will cost you $16 in most stores. CVS offers many discounts and promotions that can help you save money over the long-term.

Before you have your passport photo taken, make sure to check out the CVS Photo website for any promotional codes. These counts can be redeemed by either printing them or showing your coupon on the phone at the register.

You will not have to do anything except take your passport.

Can You Order Cvs Passport Photos Online?

This is unfortunately not possible. It is not possible to have your passport photo taken and printed online. Only a few CVS pharmacies offer passport photos.

Are CVS Passport Photos Good?

CVS uses an auto-updated KODAK biometric ID system to take the photos and verify them.

This makes sure that the photos are not only government-reliant, but also meets all US passport photo requirements.

CVS will return photos with purchase receipts in rare instances where the photo isn’t compliant with government regulations.




To have your photo taken will cost around $14.99 You’ll need to pay $2.99 for two additional photos. CVS does not offer online photo services.

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