What Is Starbucks Honey Blend? (What To Know!)

Recently, I ordered a Starbucks beverage that contained ‘honey mix’ as its description.

It was delicious, but I was curious about honey blend. We did some research and found this…

What is Starbucks Honey Blend?

Starbucks uses honey syrup to flavor a variety of hand-crafted drinks. This syrup is called their “honey mix”. This syrup is just one of the many flavors Starbucks uses to make their ever-changing range of artisan drinks.

This article will discuss the Starbucks honey blend syrup. It’s uses, its history, and the alternatives you have to it.

What ingredients are in Starbucks Honey Blend?

Starbucks honey blend is 64% honey. It is made from honey, water and natural flavors, as well as potassium sorbate, xanthan Gum, and citric Acid. It can be blended and bottled at Walmart in 1-litre containers.

Starbucks honey blend was designed to make a sweet and simple drink blending process. It mixes easily, quickly, and efficiently into drinks.

This is particularly useful for baristas who must make multiple drinks fast and accurately under pressure.

Normal honey is ineffective because it doesn’t dissolve well into the drink.

What does Starbucks use Honey Blend for?

Starbucks has added honey blend to many of its specialty drinks. The honey blend adds flavor, sweetness, texture, and color to the final drink.

Starbucks offers a honey-based drink:

  • Cold brew honey bee
  • Latte with honey oatmeal
  • Flat white almondmilk honey

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Does Starbucks Honey Blend taste sweet?

Starbucks uses a honey syrup that is very sweet. The amount of honey you add to your drink will determine how much sugar you consume.

Starbucks offers a variety of sizes of drinks and uses different honey blends and other syrups.

  • Tall – Three pumps of syrup
  • Grande – 4 pumps syrup
  • Venti – Can use 5 to 6 pumps of syrup

Each honey blend syrup pump contains 5g of sugar (around 20 calories).

Which is better: Starbucks Honey Blend or Starbucks Honey Packets

Starbucks allows you to request honey to be included in any beverage you choose during the making process. Additional packet honey can be added for free. Many specialty drink connoisseurs love honey, and not honey syrup.

Honey will be provided in single-use 3g plastic containers. It is often used for hot drinks that blend evenly, unlike cold drinks.

Starbucks offers agave syrup at no extra cost.

What is Agave Syrup?

Agave syrup is made from the agave plant. This is a type cactus that grows in warm climates like Mexico and the Southwest United States.

Organic produce advocates loved Agave syrup because it was high in fructose, or fruit sugar. It is approximately one-and-a half times sweeter that table sugar.

This means that you can use less to achieve the same result.

High fructose intake can cause liver damage, as fructose is metabolized in the liver.

As with all sugar products, agave syrup should be consumed in small amounts.

Is the Starbucks Honey Blend now discontinued?

Starbucks has not stopped using honey blend syrup in their beverages. Starbucks honey blend supplies do not always stay steady.

Certain drinks are sometimes unavailable due to a variety of reasons. This problem could also apply to any ingredient used by Starbucks. The supply problem with Starbucks honey blend was discovered in June 2021. This issue is being addressed by the company as soon as possible.

Supply issues

In recent years, shipping and supply issues have become more common. These issues can be caused by a lack of staff, a shortage of workers, or a lack of delivery options. Certain drinks may be stopped for “unforeseen” reasons.

Demand issues

Starbucks monitors the demand for hand-crafted drinks. Starbucks might remove a drink from their menu if there is low demand. Starbucks may claim that a drink’s retirement is temporary and that the drink can be reintroduced if demand increases.

Starbucks is constantly trying new drinks, and they pride themselves in introducing original and innovative recipes to their customers. New drinks are needed.

Seasonal reasons

Some Starbucks hand-crafted drinks are seasonal. These beverages include the Halloween and Christmas drinks, which are introduced in conjunction with each holiday.

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Starbucks honey blend is a honey-flavored syrup that was created for Starbucks baristas. It allows them to make better honey-flavored drinks more precisely, more efficiently, and with a greater taste.

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