What Syrups Are Used At Starbucks? (Full List!)

Starbucks offers so many syrups! You can make a new drink every time you visit your local Starbucks.

What are the syrups Starbucks uses for all of these syrups? Here’s what we discovered…

Starbucks uses what syrups?

Starbucks uses a variety of syrups when making their artisan drinks. However, it is not possible to find an exact syrup list. Because the fan-published Starbucks syrup lists are different, they can change over time according to what syrups are available in each region.

Starbucks doesn’t even publish a complete list of syrups. They will be listed on the website as part of each drink’s “recipe”.

Starbucks fans claim that the syrup list is too long to display in stores and would need to be updated from time to time.

Which brand of syrup does Starbucks use?

Starbucks has its own brand of syrups, but Fontana makes these syrups. Fontana is who? Fontana is a Nestle Professional brand. These syrups are apparently the secret to Starbucks’ popular drink mixes.

Fontana makes both sauces and syrups for Starbucks. Starbucks uses syrups and sauces to enhance the flavour, texture, sweetness, complexity, and taste of their beverages.

They are different because syrups can be used to “base build” because they cloud at the bottom of glasses before slowly rising upwards. Sauces don’t flow because they clump in cold beverages.

Sauces tend to be thicker and more “runny”, so they are used as an accompaniment or decoration (such a drizzle) for drinks.

What are some of the sauces and syrups available at Starbucks?

Because they are versatile, delicious, and colourful, the most sought-after syrups and sauces can be used in both hot and cold drinks. All of them are given in “pumps”, depending on the recipe.

Starbucks syrup and sauces have expanded to include sugar-free options over the years, but many of them are now discontinued.

You can also discontinue any syrup at any time if they are not in demand, such as Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce Syrup. New seasonal syrups will also be available throughout the year to coordinate with holidays and celebrations such as the Pumpkin Spice.

Many sauces and syrups are suitable for cooking and can also be purchased for home use. These are some of the most well-known syrups and sauces:

  • Vanilla Syrup
  • Cane Sugar Syrup
  • Classic Syrup
  • Mocha Sauce
  • White Chocolate Mocha Sauce
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup
  • Hazelnut Syrup
  • Cinnamon Dolce Syrup
  • Peppermint Syrup
  • Toffee Nut Syrup
  • Raspberry Syrup
  • Dark Caramel Sauce
  • Funnel Cake Syrup

These syrups and sauces are used by Starbucks in many different combinations. You can also customize your drink using the online ordering system or the Starbucks Ap.

How can I choose syrups at Starbucks Online?

Starbucks makes it easy to personalize your favorite drinks. You can either go to the Starbucks website or download the Starbucks App to your smartphone.

It is very easy to navigate the menu. Click on the drink menu icon and choose a Frappuccino blended beverage.


We’re currently focusing on customizations. You can customize your drink as you like. You can alter the milk, espresso, blended options, flavours (these include the sauces or syrups), toppings, and sugar content.

Caramel Frappuccino comes in a large (16 fluid ounces). It is made with three pumps of caramel syrup. You can edit the recipe by clicking on “Edit”. This will open a list with alternative syrups and sauces. You can either replace the caramel with another flavor, or add more caramel to your drink.

Starbucks drinkers warn that too much syrup or too few can ruin your drink. Starbucks baristas urge customers to not request complicated drinks.

These drinks are handcrafted, meaning they are ‘built’ instead of poured. Complex requests require more time and attention from the baristas – difficult to deliver in busy stores, especially when staff are short.

Is Starbucks selling their syrups in-store?

Starbucks does sell its syrups in-store, but you will need to check with the store where you are planning to go to confirm that they have the right flavours.

Because Starbucks doesn’t sell all their syrups, they don’t have the ability to stock seasonal or specialty syrups. They will not sell the regular flavours if they run out.

If there are shipping or supply issues, they won’t be able to sell their stock.

There are many other places where you can buy your favorite Starbucks syrups.

Starbucks Syrups – Where can I buy them?

Starbucks syrups, which are made by Fontana, are available on the Starbucks website as well as Amazon. Amazon also has a variety of Starbucks products.

Fontana syrups can also be found in these other places:

  • Point Products USA
  • Walmart
  • Ebay
  • Staples
  • All-Day Coffee
  • Officesales USA

Fontana syrups can be found in many local supermarkets and departmental stores. If you search for Starbucks syrups where can you buy them, you will find even more options.


Starbucks hand-crafted beverages have become so popular that many people want to make them at their home.

You will need to gather all ingredients. The syrups and sauces are the most important.

It’s simple to find them online and order many of Starbucks sauces and syrups.

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