Aldi Pickup (How Does It Work & How To Order!)

Aldi is expanding its network of stores around the world. Aldi has over ten thousand locations in 20 countries.

Aldi Nord, Aldi Sud and other stores are currently in operation across America, Europe and Asia. They have a turnover in excess of fifty billion euros.

These stores can be found in any country. You may notice that there are different numbers for each parking spot. These spaces aren’t for cars, but for the curbs of Aldi curbside picks.

This new service, which is available via Instacart, allows Aldi shoppers the ability to shop at their preferred Aldi store. This article provides an overview of the costs and availability of Aldi pickups for users.

Is pickup available at Aldi?

Aldi curbside pickup is a reliable pickup service. Aldi delivery was handled previously by Instacart. Their mobile app allows you to place orders and receive delivery at your location.

Aldi curbsides are now available in various markets. You can create a shopping list and place orders while you are on your errands.

How Does Aldi Pickup Work?

Aldi pickup makes it easy to order packages, such as groceries, from Aldi stores. Shoppers can place orders through and Instacart. Instacart orders require that you have internet access.

Instacart allows you to select an Aldi store near you and place your orders. The Aldi search engine allows you to browse different departments and place orders. Based on your selection, this search tool will suggest items that fall under the brand or type you have selected.

Instacart offers more product information, including price breakdowns. After you have completed the item selection process, tap on the cart button. You can confirm and verify your items here before you complete the order.

Aldi might notify you if an item is not on their shelves or is out of stock. Aldi pickup associates will send you messages and notifications as soon as your order is ready. You will receive a message advising you to go to the store and pick up your order.

Choose your pick-up time

You can choose the pickup time and location option immediately after placing your order. Click the “Go to Checkout” button to proceed to delivery.

Simply show the location and you’ll be able to view the available pickup times. You will be charged a fee for each time the pickup time is given.

What is the cost of Aldi’s curbside pickup?

Aldi orders can vary in size depending on the order. Orders above $35 attract a $1.99 fee. Orders of $35 or less are eligible for pickup at a $3.99 fee

Instacart Express customers enjoy a discount of up to $35 on all items.

The fees are $1.99 or less, even if your total is below $35 due to a missing item in stock. Pickup orders are free of service fees.

Is there a way to cancel my order?

Aldi stores permit you to cancel your order prior to collection and there is no penalty or charge.

Cancellation must be made before midnight. Log in to the instacart website and navigate to “My Account” under the My Order section. Click on the ‘Cancel Order” button and select the order that you wish to cancel.

Aldi pickup orders can be cancelled by calling their customer service number 08000420800 anytime. Online orders are eligible for a refund within 14 days, but outside of their operational area, it is possible to get a 60-day return.

Are they able to change my collection slot and store location?

Instacart allows you to modify your pickup and store locations before your collection.

Aldi associates will notify you immediately if items are missing from your order and which store they can be ordered.

Customers who want to change their pickup points or store locations can cancel their orders and place them at nearby stores.

Can I amend my order?

Aldi customers have the ability to change or amend their orders prior to collection, but only until midnight.

This can be done online by selecting the order that you wish to modify. This can be accessed in My Account, then click on My Orders. Aldi does not charge any fees to modify your order list.

Aldi will package my order in bags?


Associate label your bags with your first and last names and attach them to your bag. To keep track of all orders, bags will be labeled with numbers.

Are there any restrictions on the number of items per order?

A customer cannot order more than one item. The Medicines and Health Regulatory Agency forbids customers from ordering more than two painkillers.

Aldi might limit some items in order to make sure all customers have a chance to purchase them.

What happens if I am late to collect my order?

You can cancel your order if you are late or ineligible to receive your package.

Cancelling your order at Aldi is free of charge. To cancel your order, you can communicate with your associate or shopper. They will keep your order on hold until your arrival.

It is important to communicate earlier so associates can keep your order going for additional time and not cancel it. This can reduce the time you spend waiting in line for your order.

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Curbside pickup has made shopping much easier and more efficient. Aldi pickup is a way to avoid long lines in stores which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

It is possible to order missing items online, but the chances are much less. Instacart can help by updating the Instacart system.

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