Does Aldi Deliver In Australia? (all You Need To Know)

Aldi first came to Australia in 2001 and currently operates a little under 600 stores around the country. In the U.S. and Canada, Aldi is a popular chain on the grocery delivery platform Instacart, where customers can place orders and then schedule a delivery or pickup.
So, it’s probably the best for Aldi to start selling products there as we currently have a strong foothold on grocery deliveries.

1. Aldi is everywhere worldwide, so you’re probably not going to be that surprised.
2. There isn’t really anything you can’t put into your cart at Aldi, so that’s a great thing if you’re used to the grocery shopping experience.

Does Aldi Deliver In Australia In 2022?

Aldi does not deliver to Australia at the moment. Aldi has not released a statement indicating they may change their decision to restrict delivery in Australia. They did confirm delivery of orders in Australia is still possible but they do not ship to specific postcodes. Delivery pricing depends on the product as well.

To find out more about how Aldi delivery works in Australia, find out if you are eligible to get Special Buys delivered, how much it costs, where you should be looking, and much more, read on.

How Does Aldi Delivery Work In Australia?

When Aldi Australia announced it finally started delivering to all of its stores, the response was slightly underwhelming.

Therefore, customers who had been imagining a Instacart-like experience were unhappy with the new delivery program.

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We should have a weekly delivery of groceries to the kitchen fridge only.

I don’t believe we are planning on doing any special buys for the current version of Android, unfortunately, but I will pass this along to the team.

Instead, you can get a card with certain points that you can use for discounts, etc. The card limits you in purchasing things that you would have purchased anyway. Also, it probably goes without saying that you will probably not have a good return strategy. But, I’m not sure if that is the same as what this person is asking.

Not only that, but these can be very expensive to pick up if they’re sold at a discount.

In the U.S. they are called Aldi Finds. They will release a new one once a week, on a Wednesday or a Sunday depending on where you live.

Special Buys are released at the same time in the US as well as in many other countries, at the same time.

The items are pretty cool, but I think the most impressive are the two cars!

The foldable keyboard is perfect for people who travel a lot. It can be stored and folded up easily, so you won’t have to get it out every time you want to use it.

There are further options when a shopper is ready to buy, including the option to leave feedback.

At checkout, there is an area where you can enter your postcode and select your city.

Then, you can see how much the whole thing costs.

What a difference a few capital letters can make!

You can also compare your total with your friends and family members to see if they got a better deal at Aldi.

They do not offer “express” shipping options because they have no way to get your items to you in a timely manner.

For example, you can check this page to see when the order for your items will ship from China.

The following table shows a sample that displays different status messages.

Where Does Aldi Deliver In Australia?

Aldi is looking to deliver groceries to customers in the south eastern area of the U.S. in 2014.

If you move to one of those postcodes, you can buy a property.

In order to find more locations that are eligible for the offer, you can go directly to the Aldi AU Special Buys site and add something to your basket, and then you will be directed to Aldi AU checkout page where you will see the location that you are eligible to receive a $10 voucher.

Once you’ve picked your area, then you can pick your local store to see if they are open during your selected times.

Note: you don’t need to enter a postcode for this step.

I can have something delivered to my in-laws house since they are not home, but when I went to purchase something at the store I had no way to do so.

If you see shipping costs, you’re eligible.

How Much Is Aldi Delivery In Australia?

The price of the delivery depends on three factors: What the item is, where the delivery is going and what the destination is.

It depends on what you want to ship and how heavy the items are in relation to the weight of the box.

Additionally, if you live in a remote area that has poor access to shipping supplies, you may have to pay more for shipping, than your neighbors.

The site will tell you the cost of shipping depending on your location.

To add items you purchase to your shopping cart on this website you need to click on the red “add to cart” button at the bottom of every page.

Can You Do Aldi Pickup In Australia?

With stores like Aldi selling everything from bread to groceries, along with an online grocery delivery program you can’t go wrong.

But I’m not buying that just because we’re in Australia you can’t do grocery pickup. Why? Because that’s a lie. There’s a company in Germany that does grocery pickup. They’re called Lidl.

You have to be very careful about what it wants to take from your shipping address. You can use multiple delivery services for the same order.

Will Aldi Ever Deliver Groceries In Australia?

Aldi AU is already known to be opening up more grocery stores in Australia, and now they’re looking into the idea of opening up a grocery delivery service as well.

Simon Padovani, the Group Director of Customer Interactions for Aldi AU told 7News that the introduction of the Aldi grocery stores in the Sydney Metropolitan area will bring convenience to the people of Sydney.

He says, “Our limited online offer allows us to set the groundwork for our future program.” This is a very promising sign, and it can’t come soon enough!

to know more, you can also read our post on why is Aldi so successful, if you’re interested in knowing Aldi’s competitive advantages.


Some of the items in the Aldi Special Buys range will have limited delivery to specific states.

The Australian Retailers Association’s (ARA) chief executive Anna Crawford said it’s great to have a grocery delivery service but she’s also pretty keen to see other things arrive too.

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