Aldi Tasmania: Are They Coming To Hobart Or Launceston?

I think the Tasmanian cost of living is still relatively cheaper than the rest of Australia, but we do have more options when it comes to grocery shopping, particularly on the island of Tasmania.

Aldi may have set its sights on Australia, but many people don’t know where Aldi is actually coming from. It all started back in the early 1970’s in Germany with two brothers who were in the clothing industry.

Is Aldi Coming To Hobart Or Tasmania In 2022?

Since Aldi told their Tasmanian hopefuls about their decision to not open stores in Tasmania and Hobart (or any other Australian state for that matter), there hasn’t been any further statements from Aldi to contradict that statement.

To see if there are any potential locations for Aldi to open in Tasmania, learn some possible locations for stores and find out where else in Tasmania you can shop for cheap groceries, keeping reading!

Why Isn’t Aldi Coming To Hobart Or Tasmania?

For instance it is a notoriously difficult market to crack, with a large customer base and a large proportion of the population being able to afford to shop there. Perhaps they thought that they may not be able to make a profit there.

It is true that Tasmania has a lower cost of living than Australia, but this does not include the cost of accommodation unless you’re willing to live in Hobart, an expensive city. With the cost of accommodation being higher than the mainland, this means that living here is often more expensive than living on the mainland.

Although a few things are cheaper, like groceries, there are also more of the things that are expensive here, like alcohol and gambling.

Aldi will not be able to reach all the areas that are currently underserved in Tasmania, and if the population is not sufficiently large, they will not be able to sustain an efficient business model.

Most of the world’s metropolitan areas are already very dense. New areas are not being built in other places. There will be some new development but it will mostly be in existing areas and buildings.

There’s a chance that they plan to open a store in Melbourne soon, but they haven’t mentioned any specific dates for when. The site mentions that it’s waiting for the right market, and it seems we’re going the right way.

What Are Potential Locations For Aldi Stores In Hobart Or Tasmania?

Maybe they are planning on a second store in Launceston. There were a few years back and it seems like Hobart is where they were going to set up shop.

I have been told that the owners are very aware and were even planning on opening another store in Launceston for as long as I can remember but were not comfortable with opening in Devonport.

Do People Want Aldi Stores In Hobart Or Tasmania?

Even the people of Tasmania and Hobart want Aldi.

Aldi is a German supermarket in Australia, which focuses on its large selection of goods that other supermarkets don’t offer. The supermarkets are known for their strong focus on food and not many other products.

ABC station local news asked people to tell them what they’d like to see in their city; along with Ikea and Costco, Aldi ranked right up there.

People are saying that Aldi will make the stores look nice.
Another responded to the same question by stating that people will only visit Aldi because of its cheap prices.

A petition to bring Aldi to Tasmania was started by Sarah Blockley.

I think that there is a real problem with the fact that there are very rural communities in Australia that have access to very high levels of competition, whereas in other parts of the world, the choice is not so wide.

She mentioned how it has been her experience that Aldi’s Special Buys made it possible for her family to purchase things they would not have been able to otherwise and that some of those things had allowed them to make some money.

The petition may be a little hard to read, but it’s clear that the people of St. Louis are disgusted with our city government.
But, there is a silver lining to this whole ordeal. When Mr. D.D. Taylor, the Mayor of St. Louis, read the petition, he was in such awe of the sheer number of signatures that he requested an outside law firm to help analyze and sort them.

Where Can People Shop Other Than Aldi In Hobart Or Tasmania?

As a result of the “monopoly”, there is no choice of supermarkets in my area, and I am forced to pay monopoly prices.

Woolworths and Coles supermarkets have both recently slashed prices on a wide variety of products which are sure-fire signs that competition among retailers is heating up.

There are lots of lovely
stores in Hobart and its suburbs, some of which are organic, including a market, City Organics, as well as the grocery stores, Aldi, and Simply Nature. They all have really nice products and excellent customer service.

If you want to read more about Aldi coming to New Zealand, you might also want to learn about Aldi coming to America, Aldi coming to South Africa, or Aldi coming to Nigeria.


Since Aldi said they have no plans to open stores in Tasmania or Hobart, they are no longer allowed to sell their products here. They have also not made any amendments since. They have become one of the very few companies that have not changed their policies, and they have become very unpopular.

I think it is very likely that the Aldi’s will be coming to Tasmania, but there have been no formal announcements about the store and I have no idea when they will be coming.

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