Is Aldi Coming To Utah Or Salt Lake City? (plans, Potential Locations + More)

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Aldi just recently announced that they are looking to enter the Utah market, and the reason they are looking to enter the state is because they don’t feel like they are getting a fair deal.

Is Aldi Coming To Utah Or Salt Lake City In 2022?

 Aldi currently has no plans to set up stores in Utah or its capital, Salt Lake City. The German supermarket chain has increased its presence steadily in the U.S. but is currently focusing on stores in the Gulf Coast region, as well as renovations in the Northeast.

To gather information on what it would take for Aldi to build a store in the Beehive state, what a store looks like, what benefits it would bring to Utah residents, and also to gather ideas on what Aldi should and shouldn’t do when it comes to marketing to Utah residents.

Why Isn’t Aldi Coming To Utah Or Salt Lake City?

Aldi is focusing its growth on the Gulf Coast region, where they have seen the most growth. Florida and Louisiana have been the most active states in building new stores.

Aldi’s U.S. expansion is no exception to the rules and planning that the company does for itself.

The US has a lot of small towns with few jobs and low wages, they have a lot of people who want to work and live there; the fact that it is a very cheap to live there is a huge part of why it is attractive.

In addition to new stores, Aldi is also building a distribution center in Loxley, Alabama. Aldi will not only help support new stores opening in the Gulf Coast community, but the distribution center will also service the region.

Aldi is very good at expanding into new countries. In the past, they’ve expanded into Canada, Mexico, Ireland, the UK, Germany and Spain. In almost all cases, they’ve expanded by acquiring local retailers, mostly supermarkets. All of those countries have significant Aldi competitors.

There are rumors at Businessweek that Aldi could be preparing to go public this year.

What Are Locations In Utah Or Salt Lake City Would Aldi Open In?

Well Aldi doesn’t have a lot of stores open as it is, but Utahns aren’t happy that they couldn’t buy Aldi products at the local store.

If Aldi comes to Utah, I’m going to be in the store for hours. There will be so much shopping and window shopping and I’ll finally get a chance to be able to enjoy shopping and not be so afraid of the cold. That’s what Aldi is for.

What Is The Nearest Aldi Location To Utah?

 Aldi will soon be in Arizona, which means it’s the closest grocery I will be seeing in Utah.

For about a year or so, the closest Aldi to the State of Utah was the Hesperia, California location.

I think 100 miles is too far away and I prefer a place within a 30-40 mile radius or so.

What Is Being Done To Bring Aldi To Utah Or Salt Lake City?

Aldi was recently made known by the world that they were to begin expanding to Utah. This is a big deal to Utah Aldi shoppers as they are one of the only places that can get the chain at an affordable price.

It’s difficult bringing something to Utah when the population isn’t huge enough. I guess Aldi already has an established shopping plaza in Salt Lake City. Well, they should just be patient and work on the petition.

Where Can Shoppers Go Other Than Aldi In Utah Or Salt Lake City?

Utah and Salt Lake City have some great grocery options.

Trader Joe’s is very small and they only have three locations, and two of those are in Utah.

Sam’s and Costco have a warehouse feel, so those are great for people who need a warehouse feel.

If you want to know if Aldi is going to be coming to your state you can also read up about Aldi’s stores coming to your state or visit these pages which are dedicated to Aldi in particular. If you have questions that are not listed here, you can always write to the Aldi corporate offices and they will be able to tell you whether you can apply for a store in your area.


The Aldi store in Ogden, Utah was the first store to open in the state. While the Utah business doesn’t look to be very big, they are obviously doing extremely well in the small Utah market. I would expect them to continue to make inroads in the state.

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