Is Aldi Coming To Colorado (plans, Potential Locations + More) 

The company has opened its first stores, in Minnesota and Wisconsin, since going public in April. It raised a whopping $6 billion in an initial public offering, and its stock is currently trading for $28.30 a share.

While Aldi has certainly made its presence known in much of the U.S., one of the states where the company hasn’t yet ventured is Colorado.

This is because the company is still in its “soft launch” phase and won’t begin to introduce the stores into the state until next year. But we’re hoping that Aldi will begin to offer the service, making the lives of those living in the state easier.

This is surprising for many because it’s a very small store chain, but the company is now coming to Colorado.

Is Aldi Coming To Colorado In 2022?

Aldi plans to renovate and refurbish the entire Northeast region of the United States. This includes existing stores and new stores being built, and the brand will be opening new stores in the Gulf Coast region, starting in 2022.

To learn why I think Aldi is not coming to Colorado, and why I think some cities where Aldi would do well if they do are, and a few suggestions for greasing the wheels of progress a bit faster and letting Aldi know their presence is requested!

Why Isn’t Aldi Coming To Colorado?

The new Aldi locations in the Northeast will provide an opportunity to revitalize stores that were previously under the control of local grocery chains. Aldi plans to invest significant funds into the refurbishment of their stores through the purchase of new equipment as well as new store designs. The new stores in the Northeast will be the first Aldi stores in the USA.

Aldi continues to expand in the U.S., and the firm has announced a distribution warehouse in New Orleans, Louisiana, which is expected to begin serving customers next month. The new facility will be located in Loxley and is expected to be the chain’s sixth hub in the region. Construction started in February and will be complete in late 2022.

Unfortunately, Colorado just isn’t part of any of the targeted areas so far, despite abutting several states that already have Aldi stores. So hopeful fans of the chain will have to keep waiting. And if there were any Aldi locations in the state, the chain would already be a part of the plan.

Where Could Aldi Build Stores In Colorado?

Oh, but there’s not an Aldi store in Colorado yet. I’m surprised that there isn’t an Aldi store in Colorado already, considering the populous (and popular) cities that mark the state.

Many of the cities I mentioned are already ripe for Aldi development. The best location to be, however, would be the Denver/Boulder corridor, which is growing due to a high concentration of people living there.

Is There A Market For Aldi Stores In Colorado?

Aldi is a German-owned chain of discount grocers with stores in Europe, but they have started expanding to the United States. They opened their first store here in Colorado in 2001, and now have dozens of locations in six states, including Colorado.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who would like to know why Aldi USA is not on the radar and why, if he is on the Aldi radar, they are not on the radar of the United States.

If you’re looking for a local Halloween store, check out this commenter’s list of local stores. It’s a little out-of-the-way, but a fun place for kids to trick-or-treat, or just hang out.

I do appreciate the sentiment behind a comment that the commenter is looking for low prices as well as “the ambiance of a small town,” but the commenter is also acknowledging that Aldi is probably not the cheapest grocery store. The commenter is also acknowledging that he needs a store with low prices AND low quality.

To be honest, there’s a big possibility that the government will be able to sell Aldi, because it would be a loss to the people. However, at the same time, because Aldi doesn’t have any stores in Korea, we can’t really say what will happen to the market.

[Aldi] has been a big player for about a decade in the city as a whole. And one of the things that we’ve been working on with aldi is how they are going to continue to improve their operations in the city.

How Can Shoppers Get Aldi To Come To Colorado?

Aldi has a reputation for listening to its shoppers. When they asked for the all-butter pizza rolls, they brought them back, and created four more flavors in the process.

The company made a bold decision when they decided to put their candles out of season. This also allows them to get more sales for their company.

As with any large supermarket chain, it will be dependent on how busy the market is. As an example of another large chain, there is a Whole Foods in the Denver area where people have to wait up to an hour for a line to get in on a weekend.

Feel free to reach them via email or snail mail here.


Aldi is not coming to Colorado because people are living in the state. And they are not having any more children.

With a lot of large cities and a lot of potential shopping customers, Aldi could do well by opening stores in California.

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