Is Aldi Coming To Oregon Or Portland? (plans, Potential Locations + More)

The Pacific Northwest in the U.S. is famous for its natural splendor, delicious seasonal fruits and Amazon’s corporate HQ.

I am an American but I love Costco. I love the fact that you can go into a store with a $5 bill and buy ten cans of soda, milk, or whatever you can find.

I’m not surprised that Aldi has heard of us here in the Northwest. They’re making their entry into a territory that’s already becoming more upscale, more conscious about eating well & living sustainably.

Aldi is coming to Oregon this summer, and they are opening a store here in Portland.

Is Aldi Coming To Oregon Or Portland In 2022?

There hasn’t been any concrete news around Aldi opening up in Portland or the Oregon market as of right now. It seems, however, that the German grocery chain is focusing their current expansion on the US Gulf Coast region like Louisiana and Florida.

There are likely many locations throughout Oregon and Portland that could serve as an ideal new distribution center, but there are some places which, due to the current infrastructure and population density, would be a more suitable option.

Aldi is a big chain store that sells items for a low price. They sell stuff like fruits and vegetables, meat, frozen foods and much more.

The answers you seek are here!

Why Doesn’t Aldi Plan To Come To Oregon Or Portland?

Aldi is continuing to expand their discount grocery chain by focusing on a specific market segment: the discount grocery market.

Aldi is planning to open a new store in each of the states in the South, including Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. They also plan to open a store in Chicago, Illinois. Aldi also has plans to open stores in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

In addition to being the country’s second most populous state, Alabama ranks in the middle of the pack, as does Louisiana, which ranks below it in terms of the number of people inhabiting it.

But Florida is a big state. It has more people than the next three most populated states combined. That means something.

Walmart is not going to continue to try to grow with the status quo, and the data from the region shows that the current stores are not sufficient to meet the future needs of the population.

Whole foods could become the third largest store chain in the United States. It could also start growing its organic produce.

They can expand the first ones in the area they are already occupying, just enough to start the ball rolling.

What Are Some Potential Locations For Aldi Stores In Oregon Or Portland?

Although there isn’t an Aldi outlet yet in Portland, you can find the grocer on Amazon’s website.

The store would fit well in Portland neighborhoods like the South and Southeast areas and it would also benefit residents of Vancouver, WA.

In the majority of the state, Salem would be a good choice; the city contains over 170,000 residents.

Rt. 5 north, the cities of Eugene and Springfield would welcome Aldi and also Medford, just over the border in Oregon.

What Is The Closest Aldi To Oregon Or Portland?

West Coast is a long way to go to shop.

If you ever decide to visit Portland’s Aldi, we hope you bring your bike with you!

Oregon has a very small Aldi presence.
Oregon already has many more natural gas wells than it has residents and there isn’t an immediate need for more, as the majority of the new production comes from the Willamette Valley. If the state had more natural gas, it would compete with the Alaskan pipeline and there would no need to build an export pipeline to Canada.

Although Aldi stores are out of reach for the people of Oregon, they are well worth the drive.

Where Can Shoppers Go In Oregon Or Portland Other Than Aldi?

Although there aren’t Alawasda stores yet, there are still plenty of places to eat cheap in the state.

Safeway is the parent company of the chain which owns the Salem-area store, so it’s hard to know what the deal is.

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market is a business opportunity that many people are interested in. Since it is a franchise business, there are several good reasons people would want to become involved.

Portland is a really great place to live, with a lot to offer from a culinary perspective, and the surrounding area. There is a lot of demand for locally grown food and a lot of demand from chefs in the area. The area around Portland is very diverse and there are a lot of people interested in local food and what’s going on there.

The grocery chain is a great addition to the state’s culinary scene.

 Costco is becoming increasingly more affordable for people who just want to stock up.  More than 50 Costco stores are spread up and down Rt. 5.

Asian and Hispanic grocer Weee! has added Portland to its list of available regions, and the company’s website shows prices lower than shoppers would find in stores.

Aldi has been struggling to grow in the US market.
Aldi is also doing okay in the UK market, at least on price.


Aldi will not be coming to Portland. They have closed its stores in the PNW region and only sell products in some parts of the country.

The company is slowly and steadily climbing the ladder towards success, and at that rate, it will not take long before the company reaches its destination.

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