Is Aldi Coming To San Francisco Or Northern California? (full Guide)

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Is Aldi Coming To San Francisco Or Northern California In 2022?

Aldi plans to close around 50 stores in the future over the next six years. The company hopes to close around 20 stores in the next three years. Aldi is expected to close around 30 stores in the year 2024. The retailer is expanding in Tennessee, Texas, and Florida, and hopes to open new stores in California, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Missouri.

Aldi is coming to the San Francisco area, but you’re not going to find their stores in the Mission, Outer Richmond, or Hayes Valley. Instead, they will likely be in other neighborhoods including Bernal Heights, Pacific Heights, and the Tenderloin.

Why Isn’t Aldi Coming To San Francisco Or Northern California?

The Aldi chain has decided to open more stores in Texas, Virginia, Michigan and Ohio instead of California.

We can’t know exactly what the team is thinking when they come up with some of their new store plans, but they are clearly making decisions based on analysis, and with their track record they are pretty good at it.

Aldi announced that their expansion plans for the U.S. have been going well and they are eager to have more U.S. shoppers get to know their brand and the Aldi way of doing business.

As announced earlier this year, Sears Holdings has confirmed plans to invest $1.2 billion on a new distribution center in Loxley, Alabama. The first phase of the new distribution center is expected to start production in mid-2021 and will be the first in the North America to accommodate a broad range of products, including appliances and apparel.

Aldi was looking first to enter California through southern California areas (such as Moreno Valley and South Pasadena) where there was enough population to support its stores. Aldi wants to make the German discount store chain the primary grocery store in these California neighborhoods.

Aldi has been very strategic in deciding where to open their first stores. They’ve opened in larger cities first, so that they can get a head start on the consumer base, and then have opened in towns with a lot of food shopping traffic to start with. So they’re not just coming out of nowhere – they’ve been strategic in their decision making process.

Where Could Aldi Stores Be Potentially Located If Aldi Came To San Francisco or Northern California?

I have no idea if they are planning to open any stores in California, but the fact that they are opening stores in the Northeast and Midwest is very telling.

The city of Sacramento, California is one of those large cities close to the Eastern border of the United States.

While California has a significant amount of potential, the two new mega-stores will not only strengthen Aldi’s already competitive position in these markets, but will also benefit consumers in other parts of the country in the years to come.

Aldi in NorCal would benefit Californians and neighboring states to the north and east. It would likely not be as beneficial to the states to the south and west.

Where Is The Closest Aldi To San Francisco And Northern California?

Aldi, a German discount supermarket, is headquartered in Hanover and the company’s first US store opened in Fresno, a city just 160 miles from San Francisco and one of California’s “Top 100” and largest cities.

They don’t make a day trip, but it’s not out of the question.

Where Can Shoppers Go Instead Of Aldi In San Francisco or Northern California?

While there are plenty of grocery stores in the Bay Area, Lucky Supermarkets are a particularly good place to pick up a fresh and delicious meal.

Costco and WinCo Foods provide a warehouse type of experience, but offer tremendous selection and are perfect if you need to keep a large group of people fed.

If you are looking to purchase a new Aldi’s in your town, or anywhere for that matter, be sure to check out our article listing all Aldi’s to see where to buy your groceries online. We also suggest you check out our article which contains a list of Aldi’s where you can buy groceries in stores.


While the chain had no plans to expand within the Bay Area, the company’s CEO said the company was interested in expanding in California and Northern California.

I don’t know what a world of Aldi is, but I know what we’re doing, and that’s expanding in Northern California. And I know that when we do, we’re going to be unstoppable.

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