Store Hours For Aldi (Holiday, Sundays, & More!)

Customers prefer to know when their favorite stores are open and close. This allows them to plan their day and organize their shopping schedule.

Aldi stores carry a wide range of products. It makes sense that customers may want to visit one of their stores at all times. This article will help you know when they are available for sale.

What are the hours of Aldi’s stores?

Aldi stores open at 8:00 am and close at 9:00 pm, even on Sundays. You can use the Aldi app’s store locator to check the hours of any store or store near you. It will show you the location and details about items, as well as the open and closed hours.

You may still be interested in details like Sunday hours or holidays. Keep reading to learn all there is about it, even special hours!

What time does Aldi open on Sunday?

It will be a delight to discover that Aldi stores are open from 8:00 AM to close at 9:00 PM every day.

Aldi stores may close at 10:00 PM and some will open at 9:00 AM. However, they will remain open for the same time so it doesn’t make too much difference.

Does Aldi Work on Holidays?

Aldi is open on certain holidays and closes on specific days. This small list will help you to find out the Aldi holiday hours.

Aldi is open on the following holidays

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth (June 19)
  • Father’s Day
  • Fourth of July (Independence Day).
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Halloween
  • Veterans Day
  • Black Friday (Opens 9:00AM and closes at 8:15PM)
  • Christmas Eve (Opens at 9AM and closes by 4PM)
  • Boxing Day (December 26th): Opens at 9:00AM and closes by 8:00PM
  • New Year’s Eve: Opens at 9:00AM and closes by 7:00PM

Aldi closes the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • *Easter Sunday
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Keep in mind that store hours can vary slightly so make sure to check the store locator.

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Aldi’s employees and Aldi work hard to ensure that the stores are open on all holidays. As a customer, you will be pleased to know that Aldi is always open so you can go grocery shopping or make a last-minute purchase at the closest store.

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