Does Chick-fil-a Open On Sundays? (Find Out!)

One of the most popular food chains is Chicken-fil A, which is based in College Park. It is well-known for its religious beliefs, which mean it remains closed every Sunday.

24/7 Wall Street reported that the stores made $10.46 billion in US-wide sales in 2018, despite being open only six days per week. If it had been open for seven days, the store would have made 14% to 15% less sales.

Do you want to find out why they chose six days instead of seven? Continue reading to learn why Chick-fil-A closes Sunday.

Is Chick-Fil A Open Sundays?

Chick-fil A has never been open on Sundays. This was a practice Truett Cathy established to allow employees to rest and worship.

According to Chick-fil A’s official mission statement the company exists to “glory God by being faithful stewards of all that has been granted to us and to have a positive impact on all who come in contact with Chick Fil-A.”

The chain is heavily involved in community services, especially for children and teens, as well as scholarship programs.

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Why Chick-Fil A Closes on Sunday

In this age of technology, it’s not common to find a restaurant that closes on Sundays. People seek instant satisfaction in almost every aspect of life, even food.

Chick-fil A may not be able satisfy your immediate cravings on Sundays.

The seventh day of each week is a holiday for chicken sandwich producers. No major food delivery company can get around this.

These are some of the reasons Chick-fil-A closes Sundays:

Employees will have the opportunity to rest because the company will sacrifice some revenue in order to give shareholders and employees a guaranteed day off every week. Employee happiness is a sign of a successful business. This is a win-win situation for the company as it allows employees to reenergize and perform at a high standard.

  • It allows the company to give back. Sunday shut downs can be annoying for some customers. Chick-fil A can focus on what is important to them, like giving back to society. Employees are also allowed to worship Sundays if they wish.
  • This makes sense when there is an urgency. For example, you may rush to the restaurant on Saturday night because you know that it will close on Sunday. It is an appeal to action every week. This is a more sales-boosting strategy than losing Sunday sales. Customers are more likely to visit the chain when they are open, because they know that it will close on Sundays.
  • It helps in recruitment. Franchisees can use it to recruit. It’s hard to imagine anyone not wanting to work six days per week, then have a day off. This job posting could help them attract more workers than other restaurants open seven days per week.

Chick-fil A is open at what time of day?

Chick-fill A is almost always busy. Sometimes, however, Chick-fill-A is crowded with customers looking for a spicy salad or chicken sandwich.

Everyone seems to be after this mouthwatering lunchtime menu, so the stores see a lot of people between 11 and 2 p.m.

This time almost all Chick-fill A restaurants receive more customers than any other time during the six days that they are open.

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Although Cathy may have had a religious motive, her decision to close the shop on Sunday was a smart business move.

This move strengthens Chickfil-A’s reputation, benefits employees and encourages customers to return with greater urgency.

To avoid Sunday hunger pangs, you can order your Chick-fil A favorite meal on Saturday night.

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