Why Is Hobby Lobby Closed On Sundays? (complete Story)

Hobby Lobby claims that it does not open on Sundays either because of their religion, or simply because they are a small business. However, the company has not made anyone working for them aware of all their religious beliefs so that they can make any alterations to be able to open on Sunday.

The owners of the retailer told the owners to keep the store closed on Sunday or they would be closed permanently.

Why Is Hobby Lobby Closed on Sundays In 2022?

Hobby Lobby is a privately owned chain of craft stores. They are mainly owned by a family of people who have been in this business for many years. They want the employees who work for their company to have the same time with their families as the rest of their employees.

The lawsuit is about the store being closed on Sunday and the owner of it being able to refuse to sell the employees certain prescription drugs.

You may want to read the full explanation of the lawsuit here to see if Hobby Lobby’s closing hours on Sundays might interest you, or to better understand the details of the lawsuit.

Is Hobby Lobby Still Closed on Sundays?

Hobby Lobby is still closed on Sundays, and the company website claims that this decision has a bad impact on its financial performance. But this decision is made with the purpose of giving both the employees and the customers more time to focus on worship and their family.

After hearing about a policy called “Happy Holidays” the employees were so shocked that some of them even thought that this is a Hindu practice and asked the HR department to investigate further.

The company also has the chance to get rid of unnecessary employees from low-paying job positions. The company can choose to either keep employees or not.

What Religion Is Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby is a religious organization that only sells items that are in accordance with Christian beliefs. Their owners believe that they are a store of God, and their beliefs affect a lot of company decisions.

This question came up when people found out that the stores don’t open on Sundays and a company like Chick-Fil-A doesn’t serve lunch.

The decision to close on Sundays was based on the desire of the owners (the owners of the company are the Green family) so the employees can have more time to spend with their families.

They won the health insurance case in 2014 and the supreme court decided that they could deny insurance benefits to their employees to access contraceptives even though they weren’t being forced to pay for those contraceptives.

Hobby Lobby sells most of its products in its stores, as opposed to ordering them online. They are not as convenient in the case of online buyers, since they do not allow returns or exchanges. This also slows down their performance, as most online shoppers prefer ordering from an online website.

People are speculating that the reason the pizza was rejected was because it contained the barcode of the manufacturer, which they believe is the mark of the beast, a concept developed in certain Christian denominations.

What Day Is Hobby Lobby Closed?

The owners of this company are Christians who believe that working on Sundays should be a part of their weekly schedule.

If the store is closed because of a holiday, it will close for the whole day but reopen an hour after the holiday is over.

Hobby Lobby said that they do not open on Thanksgiving because they feel that it is not a work day in the bible.

The stores on Christmas Day do only have a normal opening time of 9 a.m., but they don’t open any earlier than that, i.e. at 5:30 a.m.

The store opens at 9 a.m. on Dec. 31 and at 9 a.m. on Jan. 1.

You can read the full story on CBC.ca.
The Globe and Mail’s article includes some of the above details.
The following tweet is quoted in the Globe and Mail story.

As a result, in addition to closing its doors for the rest of the week, Hobby Lobby, based in Oklahoma, also closes all its stores on Sundays.

When Does Hobby Lobby Close?

The Hobby Lobby typically closes at 8 pm, but it does not always have an extended hours on Mondays.

Is Hobby Lobby Closed Today?

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Hobby Lobby stores do not open on Sundays because the store owners’ religious religion allows for them to have a day off.

These workers are guaranteed a day off every week.

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The owners of Hobby Lobby have said that the decision affects their business but they will remain closed anyway and will not be open on Sundays even during important holidays that fall on that day.

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