Where Can I Buy Hobby Lobby Gift Cards? (complete Guide)

Hobby Lobby also provides a number of arts and crafts supplies that would make good gifts for people on their birthdays and other special events.

Hobby Lobby gift cards are a great way to spend some money on hobbies, craft supplies, or other unique gifts. If you are thinking about getting a Hobby Lobby gift card as a stocking stuffer for a loved one, here are the most important things to know about them!

Where Can I Buy Hobby Lobby Gift Cards In 2022?

You can buy hobby Lobby gift cards at a physical Hobby Lobby store or online through the website. The website allows you to buy cards with values from $5 to $200. You can choose between a physical store to pick up the card or a digital wallet to redeem the code. If you buy the card online, you will have to pay for shipping and handling. Currently, other places like eBay or Walmart do not sell Hobby Lobby gift cards.

There are several ways to obtain Hobby Lobby gift cards, including buying them from another retailer, but this may be the closest way to get them. The average value of gift cards at Amazon.com is about $5. Hobby Lobby is similar to the online retailer in terms of value, so that is probably a good starting point for this deal if you are looking for a gift card that is worth around $5.

Where Can I Purchase Hobby Lobby Gift Cards?

A Hobby Lobby card is sold through the company directly, which can be purchased using the following methods.

1. At the store you can choose to buy the things you need.

When visiting a Hobby Lobby, ask an employee to direct you to the gift cards. The cards will usually be located in an area near the register (this isn’t always the case, however). If you’re looking to spend $25 or less, you can also ask to purchase the $25, $50, or $100 card.

After locating your desired cards, you can see which ones you have available. You can also find out which options are best for your current budget.

You can also track your transactions to see when you’ve spent your points.

Note that each card you buy will require you to pay $1 in shipping fees when you purchase a card online.

So no, you can not simply take a card or money and use that elsewhere.

Does Anyone Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards?

Despite what some websites say – you can only buy Hobby Lobby gift cards directly from them.

When you go to use those gift cards, the retailer won’t accept them because they’re not legitimate.

The consumer said that they went to the store and Hobby Lobby refused to accept the store credit card as payment.

After a couple of weeks, the fraud department returned and said that they did not think it was their job to investigate frauds on gift cards and also that they weren’t sure that they had investigated enough on this issue.

When the customer asked about this, the cardstore said that, because the card was valued at $211, it was worth that much, and that they had a card for $200. But they do not have $200 worth of cards in their store. It was not a $20 difference.

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Printable Gift Cards?

Hobby Lobby does not have a printable gift card. Even if you’re buying online, the company will ship out a physical copy to your house or office.

Does Hobby Lobby Email Gift Cards?

Hobby Lobby doesn’t send gift cards electronically. They have only physical gift cards. However, they accept gift cards from other stores, so you can buy a physical gift card and use it in their store.

Does Walgreens Carry Hobby Lobby Gift Cards?

Walgreens does not sell Hobby Lobby gift cards, as you can only get gift cards directly from Hobby Lobby.

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Does Kroger Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards?

Kroger does not do any business with Hobby Lobby.

Does Amazon Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards?

In the US, Hobby Lobby has stores in all 50 states. They also have gift cards and gift cards can be used online at any Hobby Lobby store.

Does Target Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards?

Target does not sell Hobby Lobby gift cards. However if you buy any products at Target.com, you may be able to order a Hobby Lobby gift card.

Does Dollar General Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards?

Hobby Lobby says that its policy is that they only sell gift cards for stores where they carry the products that they sell.

Does Giant Eagle Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards?

Hobby Lobby is not sold by Giant Eagle.

Does Publix Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards?

Hobby Lobby is not a retailer that sells gift cards.

Does Food Lion Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards?

People buy them because they are cheaper than the regular ones.

Can I Get Hobby Lobby Gift Cards at CVS?

Hobby Lobby can not be found in CVS.

Can I Get Hobby Lobby Gift Cards at Walmart?

You can’t get a Hobby Lobby gift card at Walmart as you can only buy gift cards at Hobby Lobby stores or the company website.

How Can I Check My Hobby Lobby Gift Card Balance?

You can check your gift card balance via the website that allows you to buy them.

To check the balance of your gift card, click the button on the page that directs you to the “Check balance” section. Once there, you can enter your gift card number and PIN to see how much you have available to spend.

How Long Do Hobby Lobby Gift Cards Last?

This has to be the most annoying policy, because nobody can predict when a transaction will expire.

This is why you shouldn’t be holding gift cards that aren’t being used since you should be sure to claim it.

If you don’t know the local laws around idle funds, it’s better for you to use it very soon.

For more details as to why Hobby Lobby doesn’t sell fabric and it’s the same reasoning with custom framing, and where Hobby Lobby is.


The reason you can’t get them at any 3rd party is because it’s illegal for them to sell gift cards to anyone. You can’t legally sell a gift card to a third party source, since that’s the only way to make money off a gift card.

You can spend from $10 to $200 in Hobby Lobby. Also, be aware that if you buy online, you will have to pay for shipping.

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