Can I Return Sephora Products To Kohl’s?

Kohl’s announced that they would partner with Sephora in December 2020. The partnership aims to bring Sephora stores into Kohl’s beauty departments. The partnership has been implemented in a few Kohl’s stores across the country. There are plans to expand to 400 stores by 2023.

Sephora beauty products can now be purchased online and in-store at Kohl’s because of the partnership. Kohl’s offers a return policy on Sephora products bought at Kohl’s stores.

Can I return Sephora products to Kohl’s

Sephora products can be returned to Kohl’s provided they were purchased at a Sephora store inside Kohl’s. Sephora products purchased regularly outside of Kohl’s (including can’t be returned to Kohl’s or Sephora locations within Kohl’s.

Continue reading to learn more about Kohl’s return policy and information about returning products at other Sephora locations.

Are You able to return beauty products to Kohl’s?

Sometimes, purchasing makeup can be difficult. Kohl’s has a very relaxed policy regarding the return of beauty products. It is interesting to note that even Sephora products bought at Kohl’s are eligible for return under the Kohl’s Return Policy (Sephora’s policy is slightly stricter in most cases).

Kohl’s accepts returns for beauty products. Kohl’s returns policy states that beauty products purchased at Kohl’s (including Sephora at Kohl’s or Wellness Market) must be in new or gently used condition. They can be returned within 60 calendar days of purchase with a receipt or account/tender checkup.

Kohl’s cannot accept returns on products bought at Sephora’s regular locations (including Sephora’s return policy will govern if you wish to return products purchased at regular Sephora locations.

Sephora Stores Inside Kohl’s

Sephora products are now available in some Kohl’s stores across the US since December 2020 when they announced their partnership. It hasn’t yet been introduced to all Kohl’s locations, but the store plans to place Sephora’s products in 400 stores by 2022.

Before you shop at Sephora at Kohl’s, there are a few things that you need to know about Sephora. First, there is a difference in returns policies between Sephora at regular Sephora locations and Sephora within Kohl’s. This was already discussed in this article. The gist is that all returns must be processed per the Kohl’s returns policies, even for Sephora products bought at Kohl’s.

You should also remember that you can sign up for a Beauty Insider account at Sephora stores within Kohl’s. You can also sign up directly at kohl’ has the complete terms and conditions of the Beauty Insider program.

Sephora Items Can I Return to Sephora Within JcPenney

Sephora, just like Kohl’s has entered into a partnership to offer beauty services in JcPenney stores. This partnership will end in 2022. JcPenney plans to offer their own beauty services in place of the Sephora services.

Sephora items can be returned to JcPenney. Sephora stores at JcPenney will be closing down in 2022, as their contract expires. The return policy for Sephora-branded JcPenney-Sephora stores is the same as Sephora.

Sephora’s Returns and Exchanges page at provides more information about Sephora’s policy regarding returns.

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Last Thoughts

Sephora and JcPenney will be ending their relationship in the beauty industry. You can expect to find more Sephora Beauty products at Kohl’s stores throughout the country. Sephora beauty products purchased at Sephora at Kohl’s stores can be returned to Sephora, but not to regular Sephora shops. This applies to Sephora products bought from

Items purchased at Sephora at Kohls locations can’t be returned, either in-store or by mail. For more information, please refer to Sephora’s Kohls FAQ page.

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