Sephora Return Policy After 60 Days (all You Need To Know)

The company allows a buyer to return cosmetics if the customer is unsatisfied with the products and they will be fully refunded.

It’s only valid for 14 days so the return window is not very long. However, Sephora’s return policy is one of the best I’ve seen. You can make a return within 72 hours and you need a receipt for the item. If you don’t have this, just email them the invoice number and the item you would like to return.

Does Sephora Accept Returns After 60 Days?

Sephora doesn’t allow you to return items past 60 days, but the policy can change at any time. For example, in 2020, Sephora decided to not accept the return of items within 30 days. For Sephora’s full refund policy, see Sephora’s Refund Policy.

If you want to learn more about Sephora’s return policy after 60 days, you should read this information.

Will Sephora Take Returns Past 60 Days?

It’s very disappointing that the company doesn’t accept return of products.

Returning items past 60 day mark is completely free of charge, since the store doesn’t lose any money.

However, sometimes, even if you are entitled to a refund, the store may choose to refuse your request.

For instance, this is typically the case when the store is being audited, or there are reasons to believe that the item was never purchased by you.

What Happens After 60 Days of Sephora’s Return Policy?

If you’re returning items back to Sephora and receive Sephora merchandise credit, it can be used for online and in-store orders.

How Long Is Sephora’s Return Policy?

The return policy is up to 30 days after you purchased the product. After that, the product is no longer valid and you get refunded.

However, the retailer’s return policy states that all returns must be in original packaging and unopened, so make sure you are careful with your purchases. You can never be sure that these aren’t going to be counterfeit.

Can Sephora Ban You From Returns After 60 Days?

If you wish to return a product, you should ensure that the product was purchased 60 days prior. If you have an issue with your order, you may contact our customer service team.

Did Sephora Change the Return Policy From 60 Days?

Sephora updated the return policy. They added a 30 day return policy.

You can ask for store credit, if you return items after 30 days.
* Return shipping is paid by the customer.
* You can only ask for store credit, if you return items after 30 days.

The changes of the return policy were not met with favorable responses from customers.

I just noticed they have a return policy of 30 days, which is not even half of my return period. That’s ridiculous. They need to send me a notice first, but they didn’t. Their return policy is unfair to customers.

What Do Returned and Paid Mean at Sephora After 60 Days?

“Returned and paid” means that your return was reviewed. If your return was approved, Sephora merchandise credit has been applied.

Does Sephora Destroy Returns After 60 Days?

After the first time I bought these, I asked the store about my return. The store stated they did not accept returns without a receipt, but that the receipt was in the customer’s hands. I asked the store to give me a receipt number and they said none had been issued.

Nevertheless, some Sephora stores are known to return unused products to shelves and another Sephora store uses such for tests.

There are also rumors about a potential partnership with the Chinese company, LeEco.

The Beauty Throwathon challenges all of us to be kinder to our environment. A company we love gives an incredible community grant to The Butterfly Foundation.

I am sure most companies send their product back to them for recycling.

Does Sephora Inspect Returns After 60 Days?

If you return any item after 60 days, Sephora reserves the right to monitor the return activities to determine whether the policy is being abusively applied.

Sephora reserves the right to refuse refund or exchange on items. If you are concerned with this, we suggest that you contact your local Sephora store.

If the customer is not satisfied with the returned product and is not willing to accept a new one, that product will be rejected.

Is There a Limit On Sephora Returns After 60 Days?

It is now time to contact a member of our sales team. They can provide additional details and discuss options with you.

So basically it’s just like a standard return. If you’re returning a product, you need to use the original box, and I only accept returns in the form of a replacement or exchange.

Do You Lose Sephora Points When You Return After 60 Days?

If a piece of merchandise purchased using a Beauty Insider account is returned, all points earned from the original purchase will be taken off the account.

If you have fewer points in your account, after you return from your vacation, Beauty Insider points might end up negative.

Sephora does not accept returns for items purchased from a Sephora retailer if you have not opened the item or used the item. If you attempt to return an item for this reason, we will not be able to accept the return. Please use this Sephora return policy if you receive an item that was purchased from a Sephora retailer and would like to return an item purchased online.


When you have questions about an order from Sephora, email them. Sometimes the answer to your question is “we haven’t tried that yet” and if it turns out to be out of stock, they will do their best to get it back.

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