Sephora Cologne Return Policy (All You Need To Know)

I am absolutely in love with this website. I love the selection of perfume, I love the prices and they ship free.

However, I found out something new and surprising- what I have found out is that the company has no return policy for perfumes you have already purchased.

What Is the Sephora Cologne Return Policy?

Sephora does not provide a specific return policy for their site. However, in general, customers can return any product purchased online or in stores. Customers who do not receive a receipt, or products purchased on-site, are eligible for store credit.

Read on for Sephora perfume returns information. If you can return used or opened perfume to Sephora, if the company refunds the initial shipping fee, and much more!

Can You Return Sephora Cologne After Opening?

For returns of unopened perfumes, Sephora does not refund the original purchase price, but instead offers a store credit that can be used to purchase another product.

All online orders must be returned to our website at within 30-60 days of purchase for a full refund or other reimbursements.

What Should I Know About Sephora’s Perfume Return Policy?

Sephora is happy to accept returns, but it’s important to stay in touch with the company for details and be aware of the circumstances that will affect the return privilege.

Sephora also allows returns for cosmetics, perfumes, and body care products. There is no policy as to whether returns can be made on purchases made in-store or online.

Do I Get a Refund On Initial Shipping When I Return to Cologne to Sephora?

If you buy through Amazon, you may be able to get a refund on the shipping charges.

If you’re looking to return something, they also have that covered as well so there’s no additional costs.

How Can I Return Sephora Cologne?

1. Post it on Twitter
2. Upload your receipt to your Facebook account or send it to

I have found that you can return a product directly online from the manufacturers website. This is a viable option if you have already purchased the item at another store and your products are still in the original box.

If you purchased Sephora cologne online, you can return it from Amazon, however you will have to make sure it is a pre-paid Amazon gift card.

To return your cologne, mail your items to us. We will refund the shipping cost.

Although your perfume will still remain in our inventory for 7 days after you make your purchase, if you wish to return it, you will receive a full refund (except shipping costs, as applicable) as long as you have the receipt within 30 days after your purchase.

If you receive the perfume in the mail and return it before 31 days, you will automatically receive a Sephora credit. You can use this credit to purchase items via this link.

How Can I Return Sephora Cologne Without a Receipt?

First, you must go to your Sephora home page and select your favorite store.
The homepage will show you all its stores. The one you want is the one with the most convenient location.

If you are looking for a specific product, you must click on the link at the top of the screen with the name of the product, and the page will show you just all the stores with this product in its collection.
You can select a store and choose the product.

How Can I Get Compensated After Returning a Sephora Cologne Gift?

However, Sephora will not provide a refund on items purchased with a gift card.

So if you want to receive compensation for a Sephora cologne gift, you could contact the store to ask them to set up a gift exchange in your name.

This program will give you a $15 Sephora gift card in exchange for your visa. You can use this gift card to buy your favorite perfume from Sephora!

To set up your own rewards, you have to call the customer service department at 734-907-0180, or you can try to get them to email their receipt to you.

As a courtesy, we send you email notifications after your order is placed.
At the bottom of your receipt, you’ll find instructions for returning your order.


You can return your purchases to any Sephora store or shipping address.
If you purchased a product outside of the US, return it with your packing slip (or receipt) to the country of purchase.

However, it may be the case with an exchange. If an exchange is made, they will repay your original shipping costs if the return is the result of Sephora’s error.

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