Sephora Return Policy Without Receipt (all You Need To Know)

If you’re not careful with your receipts, you could end up losing them forever.
Some retailers will give you a receipt without the original item, so you can return it without losing the receipt.

If you forget to bring your receipt and find that the item isn’t available in the store, you can ask their return policy.
It’s possible for you to return without a receipt if certain conditions are met.

So you are probably wondering: “If I have a receipt, can I return Sephora’s items without paying?” Well, the answer is yes. But, as you are aware, a receipt is not required to return any type of merchandise. What is required, in order to return any of your items, is the original packaging and the return form.

What Is Sephora’s Return Policy Without a Receipt?

Customers can return their previously purchased items to Sephora without a receipt. Sephora will let you return your items by providing an alternative proof of purchase of the Beauty Insider account, past purchase activities of the Beauty Insider account, or Sephora account. However, if your return is rejected (due to the reason stated above or for another reason), you can re-submit it with a photo.

If you need more information, especially if you want to find out whether it’s safe to return items without a receipt, and how to return items and make a claim without a receipt, keep reading!

Can I Return a Product to Sephora Without a Receipt?

Unfortunately, Sephora will not give me a refund for these products because I didn’t receive the products.

And if you do this, you have to provide an alternative proof of purchase that is verifiable through Sephora’s system.

Sephora employees can look up customer purchase data and initiate return orders from stores.
[Transcript]: In the case of Sephora purchases made using a Beauty Insider account, employees can look up the purchase data and initiate the return process.

In the event that you were to return your item without providing them with a receipt, Sephora may require you to present your government ID or driver’s license.

Unfortunately, Sephora might refuse to issue you a return request if the item is sold in cash.

However, some stores have a 2nd return policy. For example, at Sephora, you can return an item at any time within 45 days for store credit. If you still have the receipt, it’s likely to be easier to return.

Can You Return a Product to a Sephora JCPenney Store Without a Receipt?

There is no receipt required for returns at Sephora.

However, the return will only be eligible for a JCPenney return if the item isn’t a new or unused merchandise.

To return products, you must use a shipping label to send to our customer service team.
Please be aware that if you are unable to make a return from our JCPenney locations, we will not be able to process your return.

The return of this product does not include the return label within 60 days from the day of purchase.

How Do I Return an Item to Sephora Without a Receipt?

If you cannot find your return item in the store, you can call the customer service number and tell them you want to return the item by mail and they will send you return label. You can also return the item to store.

You should ensure that the return address on the label matches the address label that came with the product.

Once Sephora has received the item. You will receive a confirmation email that contains the details of your return and a link to further instructions on how to return the item.

You can go to a Sephora store to return an item or exchange an item until the returned item is opened by our team.

It’s important to note that Sephora doesn’t allow customers to mail items purchased at brick-and-mortar stores. However, it allows store returns for items purchased online. If you have used this item and plan on returning it, call us at 1-866-765-2883.

How Long Do You Have to Return an Item Without a Box at Sephora?

 If you are a registered customer with Sephora and you can verify your purchase, you can return or exchange your product within 30 days of purchase.

Mohegan Sun is a casino in Uncasville, Connecticut and you can only return items to the store within 30 days after you bought them.

If the customer request a refund, the return process is completely different.

Can I Return an Item to Sephora Without a Receipt or a Box?

If you have the original receipt from the original purchase, you can return the item and the box without the Sephora receipt.

Sephora has developed an understanding of why customers may discard the packaging before realizing that the product may not be ideal for them and hence uses a flexible policy to accommodate customers.


Sephora is aware that the return policy is strict. If you do not adhere to the conditions, you may risk having your order returned. The only exception is if there is a mistake in the order.

Can I Return a Used Item Without a Receipt to Sephora?

You have to return a gently used item without a receipt to Sephora as long as you can provide another form of proof of purchase.

When the customer receives their item, the retailer has to check the purchase within the company system.

Since the purchase was verified, Sephora will process our return request and offer refunds, exchanges, or merchandise credit.

If you make your return at a Sephora location, you must present the receipt you received at the time of purchase. If you did not receive a receipt, you need to bring your purchase, along with the identification and credit card used for the purchase.

The product comes with a lifetime guarantee, and if you are not satisfied with it, you can return it within 30 days.


In comparison, Sephora’s returns are accepted even when there is no receipt available. Furthermore, Sephora does not verify that the customer is the valid purchaser of the item.

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