Does Popeyes Hire Felons? (all You To Know)

Companies usually hire felons for the following reasons: to be able to help in the company’s operation or to fill the position of an employee. Nonetheless, they also hire people with criminal records to complete difficult jobs.

If you are wondering if Popeyes is among the companies that do not discriminate against felons, keep reading and get enlightened! Popeyes does not discriminate against felons.

Does Popeyes Hire Felons In 2022?

To find out if Popeyes conducts background checks, how former convicts can get a job at Popeyes, and the types of jobs they should apply for, keep reading!

Does Popeyes Run Background Checks On Felons?

If a potential employer wants to see a criminal record, it is possible they will conduct a background check. However, the state agencies that have access to criminal records usually only have access to criminal records for convictions that are final or for certain other types of crimes. If you believe you have a record that is not final or that is restricted, you should contact the agency that maintained the record. You should ask the agency that maintains or has access to the record what the restrictions are.

If you’re not sure if you are going to pass the background check, here’s a box to say that you don’t have a criminal record.

A person applying for an original permit must identify at which of the existing restaurants in which the applicant has no ownership interest he or she will operate the restaurant, and the applicant must provide the sworn statement that, if the applicant is granted a permit to operate a restaurant at the site of the identified restaurant, the applicant will not operate any other restaurant at any location in East Baton Rouge Parish.

The applicant may submit the statement in the form of a deposition.

At times, Popeyes will request an investigation to ensure that the applicant is not a convicted felon.

In addition, some states require employers to have a written contract with the company before they will run background check. Companies are also required to pay different fees for different checks.

They don’t have to hire them but if they are looking for people for a specific position they might not hire them because of their criminal record.

What Does Popeyes Look For On A Background Check?

The applicant must be U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident.
The applicant must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
The applicant must provide proof of good health and current immunizations.
The applicant must pass a background investigation.
The applicant must be able to work with a team.
The applicant must be able to pass a drug screen.

The above factors are used by the company branch manager to determine candidates’ past mistakes, character, and final fitness before they are given a chance to work.

What Does Popeyes Consider A “Bad Hire” In Felons?

Like other companies, Popeyes does not hire people that fail to deliver after successfully passing the necessary tests.

they are lazy or slow to learn new skills, not very good at communicating with stakeholders and don’t have a solid “why-it-is-so-hard-to-do-the-right-thing” mentality.

Since felons can be convicted of theft, they could be working for Popeyes and be stealing from them.

For example, if you lie to a moderator, they will immediately stop answering questions, and may even delete your question.

It is perfectly acceptable to lie in order to get an answer to your question.

How Can A Felon Apply For Job At Popeyes?

1. Find an application form
2. Fill out the form
3. Sign on the dotted line.
4. Send the form and your social security card to Popeyes
5. Wait until you’re called for an interview, or the job is offered to you.

What Are Tips For A Felon Trying To Get A Job At Popeyes?

The process is rather rigorous, as the application will require you to prove that your criminal past is no longer a concern, and that you can perform the requisite duties.

You should take great care of your credit score and avoid debt.
You should save money in the bank.
You should avoid taking on a loan.
You should not spend on non-essentials.

What Are Entry-Level Positions Felons Can Apply For At Popeyes?

A jailer, a fast food cook, a stock broker or a pizza delivery driver.

Has Popeyes Hired Felons In The Past?

Although franchise owners are able to hire who they please, reviews found that Popeyes seems to have a history of hiring felons.

He says he’s had no problems working at a number of fast food joints over the years.

He also says he received proper schooling for the work.

He says he’s been a member of the National Association of Baptist Ministers for over 25 years.

In conclusion, this implies that he has experience in the employment of ex-convicts, and he’s had no problems working under these circumstances.

However, if an applicant’s record poses a threat, Popeyes will not reconsider the applicant’s second chance, even if they have earned a second chance.

It says that the employee who works at the fast food restaurant is a person responsible to the owner, the manager or the president of the company. Moreover, the employer cannot discriminate in hiring, promote, demote, transfer, or layoff employees on the basis of gender or national origin.


At the end Popeyes believes that everyone should be able to find work and the company is happy to provide a good environment for anyone who is interested in working for it.

They are not going through a background check on you as a person. They’re going through a background check on your ability to do the job they want you to do.

In a recent incident, Popeyes was forced to close down its restaurant after a former employee was arrested on a federal drug trafficking.

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