Walgreens Makeup Return Policy [foundations, Opened Makeup + More]

Buying the right makeup for your complexion can be a quite difficult task. It may be due to your skin type, the weather, or your mood at the time of applying.

If you have a Walgreens makeup return policy, it is going to be similar to the one of Sephora – that is, if you want to return a makeup kit purchase, you will need to return it within 30 days and you have to do that online. There are a few other requirements to this policy, so I highly suggest you read the details here.

Walgreens Makeup Return Policy In 2022

Please return your unopened cosmetic goods to any Walgreens store within 30 days of purchase in full, with the original receipt in their possession. If the receipt has not been returned, you will receive store credit or gift cards as a refund. The decision to accept returns of opened makeup is made at a Walgreens store manager’s discretion.

In order to know if you can return makeup products like foundations, what happens when you don’t have the receipt or the deadlines are over, read further!

Can You Return Open Makeup To Walgreens?

When users are going to purchase makeup, they should make sure that they buy the correct amount. This may be because the products are not genuine or even because they buy the wrong products or products that they do not need. If users have the right to return makeup after they are finished with it, it is up to them to make sure that they have purchased the right amount of products.

The first thing you need to do is contact your nearest Walgreens store and ask them if they have opened makeup. If they have, you need to call them and ask them about returning the makeup.

Can You Return Foundation To Walgreens? 

I’m not sure if it was my foundation or my skin tone, but whatever it was, the foundation just did not look good on me.

You can go to your local Walgreens and have your refund taken in cash within 30 days of purchasing the foundation. If you have the receipt, you can show it to any Walgreens and have the full amount of the purchase refunded to you in cash.

This means that there is a risk of losing money if the store manager decides to reject your return.

When Can You Return Makeup To Walgreens? 

Walgreens allows you to return your items within 30 days of purchase, so it’s ok to return it as long as you go to the store within 30 days of purchase.

Can You Return Makeup If You Don’t Have The Receipt? 

If you can’t make it to a Walgreens store, you can call the company at 800-972-6722 to request a replacement.

You should be able to use the gift cards to redeem for whatever merchandise as long as the merchandise in the promotion is in stock for the promotion’s window.

However, any gift cards that expire or have already been used in the promotion window will not be refunded, nor will other merchandise that has been sold out of the promotion’s window.

Can You Return Makeup After 30 Days?

The official policy of Walgreens is that it does not accept returns of makeup after 30 days of purchase.

As for the process, all you have to do is reach out to the store manager and you will know if he/she will take returns of your makeup. Remember, some may accept them, some, may not.

However, if your makeup is not ready for 30 days after you received the product, you may have to return the product to the store where it was purchased for a full refund.

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You can return any amount of makeup that you do not want to keep and you will be able to get it back in the form of a cash refund, a gift card or a store credit. If you lose the receipt, you will only get the cash refund.

In the case of opened makeup, the store manager ultimately decides whether accept the return or not. The same goes for if 30 days have already passed after the purchase.

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