Petco Senior Discount (is There One + Other Ways To Save)

Discounts are meant to draw in people who are more likely to be seniors, by making items for them cheaper.

If you’re wondering if Petco has senior discounts and if you’re a senior citizen, read this article to see what we found out about Petco senior discounts!

Does Petco Have a Senior Discount In 2022?

Unfortunately, Petco does not have a senior discount, either online or at its physical stores, in 2022. There are other ways to save money at Petco without a senior discount, including coupons, the loyalty program, getting someone to use their employee discount, and more. There are also different ways to get free shipping, including Repeat Delivery, ordering goods worth $35 or more, or more.

Petco is planning on ending their senior discount, which will cause a ton of people to leave the chain. They don’t have any other discounts available or they’re not willing to lower prices. They do, however, offer a lot of free things for their customers such as free shipping and discounts for vets. There will be a ton of people upset because of this so they might be looking for an alternative. Look for pet-centric discounts on Amazon, PetSmart, and other stores. Look for local discounts to places where the animals can get adopted too.

Why Doesn’t Petco Have a Senior Discount?

Petco was never specific as to why it does not have a senior discount. But, they do say that they are concentrating their efforts to help their customers save money.

How Can I Save Money at Petco Without a Senior Discount?

There are lots of ways to save money but at Petco, there isn’t a senior discount.

However, you are only able to apply these methods one at a time. So, choose the one that gives you the most savings at the time.

There are many ways that you can save money at Petco, you can print your own coupons, and then save them if you plan on buying your pet supplies at Petco, you can also buy in bulk in order to save money, and you can also be an active member of the club.

1. You can use coupons to get discounts on your purchase.

Petco has several coupon codes that grant you access to exclusive deals on their items.

You can buy the food through the company’s website, which you will be redirected to once you have decided on a particular item.

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It is a way of rewarding pets for doing certain things. This could be a good idea if there wasn’t pet theft. You can see what they are by going to your pet’s page and clicking on ‘Rewards’.

Petco has a loyalty program called Pals Rewards that you can collect points for every time you buy stuff at Petco.

Since the more you join the program, the more points you get to redeem for various rewards.

It starts off as a free food basket and it moves to free pet food and then to grooming and then to free grooming and then for free pet food and grooming.

In order to reduce the shipping costs, use free shipping offers when you buy shoes online.

There are various repeat delivery programs or offers available that you can use to get your products delivered directly to your doorstep for free.

If you have a dog, you can buy dog food and keep it in your pantry, and then once a month, you can sign up for automatic delivery.

Because of the low price, free shipping, and special deals, Repeat Delivery is the place to get your favorite items.

Every time we ship a new product, we send you the previous shipment automatically. You will never be without a crate of deliciousness, that’s for sure!

You can add other items to your usual shipment, and they will also be delivered for free.
If you add an item that has an additional cost, you might be charged the additional cost, which is why we have a button next to each item to show what charges you might incur.

Petco offers free shipping through their website when your total purchases add up to $35 before taxes, and you have a qualifying promo code for that offer in your cart.

Matching price is one of the biggest selling point of Etsy. When you are looking at another seller and they are offering the same item with a lower price, let them know you want to match their price. You will most likely not hear back, but it is a good way to get them to reduce the price.

Petco has a price matching policy that allows you to get lower prices at the company’s physical stores and online.

There are some retailers that have their own price match, which is nice but some places, like Petco, match prices no matter where you buy.

if you have access to Petco Web site, you can save money when shopping there.

Even if you’re only looking to find the best price, make sure to take a few minutes to find items that are exactly identical.

It does not matter what competitor pricing is used for the discount. The discount is applied regardless of the competitor store.

To lower costs keep your existing employees happy by giving them a discount for everything they purchase.

If you’re a friend of an employee of a Petco store, like your grandchild, or a friend of one of their friends, you can ask them to use their employee discount for you.

Petco’s discount is applied when you buy items from either their stores or their owned brands.

It is only able to be used by an employee, which is why you can ask them to do it by using their account when shopping online.

Which Pet Stores Offer a Senior Discount?

You should shop at PetSmart because the store carries a large selection of great deals.

There is a discount of 10 percent for senior citizen on certain services at PetSmart. This is limited to certain days.

As your pets age, they may develop health issues. You should be prepared with financial resources to address these.

If you are considering using an online shopping cart for your business, you should know that some of the larger retail websites do offer a senior discount, so it is worth checking out.

To learn more about the Petco employee discount, to see if you are eligible, or to find out more about what the Petco student discount is, you can read our other posts on the topic.


Petco does not have a senior discount, either at its physical stores or online. However, there are other options that can help you save money at the retailer. You can use coupons, enroll in their loyalty program, and use the price matching policy to your advantage.

You can also get free shipping on orders of $35 or more
when you choose Auto Delivery with Repeat Delivery.

If you sign up for Auto Delivery, one shipment will arrive every month with a selection of your favorites so you can get fresh food for your pet.
And, with Repeat Delivery, you can order the same products over and over again, so you can keep your favorite items on hand for every visit.

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