Safeway Senior Discount + Discount Day (full Guide To Save More)

Senior citizens are always looking to save money. By not shopping at full price, they may find it easier to buy more and more things.

If you’re a Safeway shopper, you may find that the grocery store only offers discounts for certain groups. If that’s the case, you may be able to get a discount if you’re a senior citizen.

Safeway Senior Discount In 2022

Safeway makes 10% off the regular price of all food and select household items on the first Wednesday of every month for seniors 65 and older, and then 10% off the regular price of all food and select household items on the first Tuesday of every month for seniors 65 and older.

To learn more about how the senior Safeway discount works, what other discounts are available at Safeway, and more, read this post.

How Does Safeway Advertise Senior Discount Day?

When Safeway stores decide to host a Senior Discount Day, they’ll usually give out fliers in the parking lot telling customers how to get the deals. People can also call the store for details.

Unfortunately at this time Safeway doesn’t have a Senior Discount Day sale, but you can get your discounts on groceries and other essentials at Safeway stores here. Also, the minimum age to participate in a sale is typically 55.

The stores that have these items on sale will usually put the special for a period of time, and then drop the price down to the regular price. Sometimes they will put out a “sale” every week, but it will not be for a prolonged time. Usually the lowest price is the “sale” price.

Also, for each purchase, the customer must call a number provided by the retail store, and then pay for the purchase at that point.

Does Every Safeway Offer a Senior Discount?

The Senior Discount Day is not a store-wide discount that all locations are required to offer.

As a result of this, many Safeway stores choose not to give out any type of discount at any time during the year.

You don’t have to be unsure whether or not the grocery store you’re visiting offers this discount. Instead, you can ask the store customer service desk.

If you want to go to a store and see what discounts they are offering, ask the cashier and they should be able to give you the current deal.

If a senior would like to apply for a discount card, there needs to be a time frame in which they must use the card so that it is not expired when they use the card.

What Weekday is Senior Discount Day at Safeway?

Safeway stores will have a limited number of day on which they will offer senior discounts. These stores may choose to offer discounts on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

This store is generally open on Wednesday.

The following example may be easier to understand.

Additionally, note that Safeway does not say how much the discount is valued at, as this frequently changes. Customers should note that the price is subject to change without notice.

What Other Discounts Can Seniors Use at Safeway?

The senior discounts include free food samples, a free small drink or bag of chips to any customers that visit a store with a senior discount.

if they don’t qualify for a discount, seniors in the United States can open a Just For U Rewards account.

The card will allow consumers to earn points and discounts on purchases, gas and grocery stores, as well as at the pharmacy. It is expected that the card will be issued within the next month.

While Safeway doesn’t give out an official discount program, there are always a bunch of coupons they give out in their weekly flyer.

However, for seniors, it’s best to go to their websites and use the regular discounts that have been offered for years.

What Other Grocery Stores Offer Senior Discounts?

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world. A discount on your groceries is a discount you should always be aware of. Grocery store discounts can be found at your local grocery store in America or Canada.

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Safeway grocery chains are not known for their generous discounts. However, at times, stores offer Senior discounts.

There is no definitive amount. The offer changes regularly.

As part of the “Just for Us” program, seniors and other members of the community can save money by creating a Just For U rewards account. By becoming a member, you automatically receive the weekly flyer with the weekly coupons that are perfect for the items you’re looking to buy weekly. And, you’ll get 10% off your grocery purchases.

If you shop at Giant Food or ShopRite you can get a senior discount on your purchases. Some stores offer a senior discount on groceries, clothing and more.

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