Does Lowe’s Have A Senior Discount? (+ Other Ways Seniors Can Save)

Lowe’s is a hardware retailer that is known for providing excellent products at unbeatable prices. Their goal is to make sure their customers get their hands on the best-quality merchandise without having to break the bank. Plus, they have a multitude of products for everyone who loves to decorate their home.

 Lowe’s customers may be wondering how they can get a free quote or additional discounted pricing. If you are a Lowe’s veteran, you are in luck. There are many benefits to you as a customer of Lowe’s.

Does Lowe’s Have a Senior Discount In 2022?

Unfortunately, Lowe’s does not offer a senior discount as of 2022. Instead, they help seniors save by providing coupons, promotional codes, discounts, the My Lowe’s Account, the Lowe’s for Pros, and price matching. Seniors at Kohl’s or Walgreens can also get exclusive senior discounts.

For more information about Walmart, including how seniors can save, then keep reading for more information.

Does Lowe’s Have a Senior Discount Day?

Lowe’s does not offer a senior discount when purchasing supplies through Lowe’s website and their Home Improvement Center. If you go to the Lowe’s web site to purchase supplies, you will see a senior discount on items.

While there are many other discounts available, Senior shoppers will be able to save at Lowe’s.

Does Lowe’s Have a Discount Program?

Lowe’s MyLowe’s Account aims to make it simple for customers to save money and track their purchases. The Lowe’s account also serves as an alternative to the Lowe’s card for saving, where online shoppers can enjoy free shipping, exclusive discounts and rewards.

Lowe’s has the Lowe’s for Pros scheme in addition to their other coupons. This makes it possible for professional contractors to save money in-store and on the web.

The deals offered by Lowe’s for professionals include bulk orders, discounts on everyday items, savings events, and tax exemptions that can help professionals save money.

Does Lowe’s Accept Coupons?

In addition to their own coupons, Lowe’s accepts coupons from stores such as Home Depot and Ace Hardware.

How Can Seniors Save Money at Lowe’s?

Lowe’s regularly offers discounts on products which shoppers can use to save money. Shopping with Lowe’s emails and promotions can also help shoppers to get better deals on items.

There is also a Lowe’s rebate center there where you can earn up to $1500 on eligible items.

When you have to do a lot of shopping, it’s great to know whether your rebate processing is up to date.

What Discounts Does Lowe’s Offer?

Lowe’s can’t offer senior discounts but they are able to offer a 10% military discount at their stores. Current or former members of military personnel including Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and Navy.

Military personnel can get discounts by creating an account with Lowe’s. Use the form, available here, to qualify for the discount.

Does Lowe’s Price Match?

To save you money, Lowe’s can price match with its competitor stores. Lowe’s will give you the lowest priced item.

To qualify for a price match at Lowe’s, you have to buy the identical item that you found in the competitor’s store. You should double check all the specifications (size, brand name, color) of the product before you buy. In general, if the item is larger, heavier, or has a wider variety of features, the price will be higher.

Home Depot and Amazon have price matching policies. You can get a good deal if you are willing to live a little farther away from your nearest store.

Where Can I Get Senior Discount Other than Lowe’s?

Senior discounts can be obtained by those who meet the requirements, but it is recommended that anyone with a 50% discount or more be a member of AARP, as that discounts will provide you with access to great discounts as well as other benefits.

The other Lowe’s competitor, Home Depot, also does not offer senior discounts in-store or online.

In order to shop at Walgreens, the shopper must have a myWalgreens account which allows them to sign up for the rewards program and receive discounts on every purchase when they use the digital coupon. They can also collect loyalty dollars, earn cash back and use their cards.

If you’re going to have a Walgreens Seniors Day party, you’re probably going to have to make sure your local Walgreens retailer is participating.

Additionally, JOANN stores are partnering with the Office for Civil Rights, in an effort to inform employees about the existence of the Fair Housing Act and how it promotes equal access to housing opportunities nationwide. For more information on the partnership, click here.

In addition, Kohl’s is also able to offer 15% off to seniors over 60 years of age on Wednesday by providing an eligible ID at the checkout.

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Lowe’s are unable to offer senior shoppers discounts either in-store or online. However, Lowe’s do have a range of discounts available, including a free rewards scheme, to help all customers save money.

If you’re looking to save when it comes to buying products for your garden and home, Lowe’s is a good place to start. They have an extensive product offering, and this includes plant and landscaping products.

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